Paper Cobb absorption tester

  1. Metal cylinder cross-sectional area of Paper Cobb absorption tester of 100 ± 0.2 cm (corresponding to an internal diameter of 112.8 ± 0.2mm), the cylinder height of 50mm,
    the contact surface of the cylindrical torus and the sample should be smooth. 2 absorbent paper quantitative 200 ~ 250g / ㎡, the absorption rate of 75mm / 10min. When the absorbent paper monolayer quantitative less than 200 ~ 250 g / ㎡, you can use multi-layer stack to
    meet the requirements.
  2. Smooth metal flat roller: the length of the roller
    200 ± 0.5mm, the mass should be 10 ± 0.5kg.
  3. Test water consumption: 100mm ± 5ml.
  4. Weight: 28kg
What is Paper Cobb Absorption Tester

Adhesive fixture

Technical Parameters:

  • Type: A, B, C
  • Size-A: 125 * 76 * 30 mm
  • Size-B: 91 * 76 * 30 mm
  • Size -C: 109 * 76 * 30 mm
  • Weight-A: 500 g
  • Weight-B: 350 g
  • Weight-C: 400 g
  • Sample: LX-8503 C Adhesive fixture 25 * 80 mm / 50 * 150 mm

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Sr. No. Problem Cause Solution
1. Motor Doesn’t  Run MCB Tripped Switch ON the M.C.B.
Loose Wire Refer to Electrical diagram for specifications
2. Vial Not Feeding Properly Sticky Conveyor Clean off Residue from all Surfaces which transport the vial
Wrong Speed Increase or Decrease Conveyor or Turn table Speed
Rails too Tight Loosen up the rails to Provide 1/32” clearance  
3. Vial Falling on Dead Plates Dead Plate Misaligned & Bent Straighten out the dead plate and refasted plate Do Not rub the conveyor with excess pressure, nor must it have more than 0.005” clearance from conveyor top.
4. Electrical Problems Unknown Refer to wiring diagram & check out system
5. Powder fill uneven Dirty Piston Filters Clean & Replace Filters
Powder Hopper Cavitating Clear away stagnant areas in hopper check operation agitators
Vacuum Pressure to Low Reset Vacuum Pressure To recorded data
Air Filter Clogged Remove & clean air Filters
Powder too moist, Hopper Cavitating Correct the powder Condition, clean out the Hopper throat, check Conditions of agitators, Clean it if necessary
6. Fill Wheel Laboring Dirt on face of fill wheel Clean surface of wheel and Reset scrapers and doctor Blades
Cam Follower Slot on Geneva Drive Replace Follower    
7. Separator not rotating Clutch operated Reset the clutch
8. Fill wheel not Filling Limit switch not operating Check operation of limit Switch lever Replace spring if lever doesn’t return to stop position. Inside Conveyor area Replace switch if electrically defective.
Setting Disturbed Check the same & if necessary set the setting