Mullen Tester

Sl No. Mullen Tester Description Qnty Remark
01 Key Apparatus  1pcs  
Consumable Item
01 Diapharm    
02 Glycerin    

Mulen Tester

  • Model : GT-C12 sss
  • Mullen Tester Brand: Gester
  • Origin: China
  • Testing range 0-2 Mpa
  • The min. Division value 0.002Mpa
  • Test area 7.3 cm2 (Φ30.5mm), 10 cm2 (Φ35.7mm), 50cm2 (Φ79.8mm)100 cm( 3112.8mm) can be option Distension 70mm
  • Load speed 10ml/min – 500ml/min
  • Testing unites Kpa, kgf/ cm2, atm, mmHg, lb/in2
  • Output Printer and can be connect to the computer
  • Dimensions 600 x 400 x 530mm
  • Weight 150kg
  • Standards : FZ/T60019, ISO2960, ASTMD3786, M&S P27

Additional Terms of Mulen Strength Tester

  • Brand  GESTER
  • H.S Code  9024.80.00
  • Delivery Terms  Ex work
  • Delivery Time   25days after receive the advance
  • Packing   Wooden
  • Maintain Period   One year
  • Destination         
  • Payment  T/T  
  • Bank detail
  • Beneficiary Bank:   China Merchants Bank, H.O.Shenzhen
  • Bank Address: 17F, China Merchants Bank Tower,
  • No.7088 Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen 518040.P.R.China

Reports of Tester.               

Purchase Order Mullen Tester  
Ident Number    
Design/Style Ref    
Design Description    
Carton Manufacturer Auto Trims Ltd  
Fabric Manufacturer/Mill    
Carton Structure 5 ply  
Carton Composition Virgin Liner 170+Medium145+145+145+ Liner Virgin 150  
Carton Colour BROWN  
Fabric Weight    
Sock Size    
Leg Shape for Denim Jeans    
Deptartment Numer    
George Technologist    
Intended Retail Market    

Read about Melt Index Tester One of the below testing options MUST be selected – Please refer to the performance tables:

Base Tests (stability and applicable physicals)  
Bulk Tests (colour fastness, stability, applicable physicals, fibre composition if a blend and pH)  
Colour Fastness (for additional bulk colourways only)  
Retest: Specify below testing required & Previous Report No  
Specific Testing: Bursting Strength  
Specific Testing: An explanation for deviating from the manual MUST be given:
 Test Method as per Wal Mart George.   Bursthing Strength Paper combination : Virgin Liner 170+Medium145+145+145+ Liner Virgin 150 Explanation: Test Method and Parameter Bursting Strength – Test Method : TAPPI810 or ISO#2759 Bursting Strength Standard : 1867 KPA