ModarisV5R1 Lectra Pattern Making Software

Install & Update ModarisV5R1 Lectra Pattern Making Software

ModarisV5R1 Setup Guidline

When the DVD of ModarisV5R1 is inserted in the PC an Autorun file will be executed that automatically open a folder. The man who will install can flow the setup guide in his chosen language. It describes the Modaris pattern software installation process and associated recommendations.  It includes a ModarisV5R1 c3.exe file to directly pilot an automatic Modaris installation. A lot of applications installed by the Modaris installer. And includes another button Update Lectra workstation  to allow upgrading other CAD workstations. Installation procedure of ModarisV7R2 is easier than Modaris V5R1

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How to install ModarisV5R1 Pattern Making Software:

  1. First insert the Lectra CD into CDRom
  2. Then go to the Lectra pattern making software Folder
  3. Then click ModarisV5R1 .exe file
  4. Then click Run Button to run the software
  5. Then click Next Button for progressing the softwaremodarisv5r1
  6. Then chose option button and click the I accept the terms of license agreement. 
  7. Then chose again option Typical or Custom. Generally select the Typical option. If you select you can install module by module according to your requirements
  8. Then click again Next button againpattern making software
  9. Then click Finish Button. Now Your ModarisV5R1 pattern making modules installation is finished. free pattern making software

Update into Modaris V7R2:

The update procedure and location is described here shortly.

ModarisV7R2 Installer :

Modaris Installe provides an easy installation mode. This automatic Modaris installer file accessible from the setup guide that allows deploying required packages with one unique installer.

Pattern Making Software Free Modules:

After installing modaris v7r2 it will install more pattern making software free modules

Modaris: It is lectra pattern making software.

3D Prototyping: Lectra 3D Prototyping software.

Modaservice: Lectra service for Modaris data exchange.

JustPrint: Lectra plotting software.

E-Manager: It is another module of lectra

FLEXlm: It is another module of lectra

ButtonBox and Digitizer: These 2 modules are processed only when they are already deployed on the station


The next automatic installer called Upgrader that is reachable through the Setup Guide. This upgrader is dedicated for all computers that are not Modaris stations. This upgrader need to be executed on CAD workstations used for plotting . This will ensure compatibility with applications installed by Modaris installer. It upgrades the following packages only if a previous release is already installed on the station.

Upgraded Free Pattern Making Doftware by Upgrader:

When ModarisV7R2 will upgrade it also generate some free pattern making software modules.

Modaservice: Lectra service unit  to Modaris data exchange

XChang: Lectra software dedicated to Dxf data import in VigiPrint

Using Modaris installer and Upgrader apart from DVD:

At first copy all the installer folder tree from the DVD for guarantee a good deployment of Modaris installer and its modules. The following picture show within the red rectangle to the complete installer folder. After that execute Modaris installer that is running the following program: Packages\ModarisVxRy.exe or execute the Upgrader, running the following program: Packages\Related_Packages\Upgrader.exe

Installation Location:

By default, the installation folder is C:\Program Files\Lectra. To define a specific installation folder, for example: MY_INSTALLPATH, the command line will be: Package.exe■/v”INSTALLDIR=\”MY_INSTALLPATH\””

Note: “■” means a space character, “Package.exe” represents the package to install, “/v” is the option for defining parameters,  “INSTALLDIR” is the MSI Value to define with the specific installation folder, Be careful to respect quotes””.

Example :

To install Modaris in following folder: “D:\ProgramFiles\Fashion_Solution”. The command line will be like this -Packages\ModarisVxRy.exe■/v”INSTALLDIR=\”D:\ProgramFiles\Fashion_Solution\””

To escape any dialog box requesting for a reboot you need to add the option “norestart” as shown in following command line: Package.exe■/v/norestart

Note: “■” means a space character and “Package.exe” represents the package to install and “/v” is the option for defining parameters, “/norestart” is the argument for avoiding reboot. The reboot prompt at the end of the Modaris Suite Installer deployment is due to a MSI Engine deployment. If MSI engine is not installed on the Operating System then it will be deployed by Lectra applications installation.

The concatenation of these options gives the following command line Package.exe■/v”/norestart■INSTALLDIR=\”MY_INSTALLPATH\””

Note: “■” means a space character where “Package.exe” represents the package to install and  “/v” is the option for defining parameters. Always be careful to respect quotes””.

Example :

To install Modaris in following folder: “D:\ProgramFiles\Fashion_Solution”. The command line is:


Lectra Pattern Making Software Custom Installation:

Modaris installer and upgrader are the standard of Lectra software packages. They run stand alone packages normaly.If anybody want to create your own software scripts, it is mandatory to use the following stand alone packages instead of Modaris installer or upgrader. Here below the packages list of lectra pattern making software, the applications they install and their location on the DVD.

Modaris Software Evolution:

Modaris software evolution gives you access to the latest releases of Lectra solutions, allowing you to continually improve your technical performance and to optimize your best pattern design environment with each technological innovation. Modaris software evolution protects your investment over the long term. It makes savings while enabling you to maintain state of the art technology and systems.

Lectra Remote Expertise:

Lectra remote expertise offer global access to the experts and technical specialists via Lectra international call centers situated in Atlanta, USA (for North America); Bordeaux, France (for Europe); Madrid, Spain; Milan, Italy; and Shanghai, China (for Asia). The software as well as hardware can be accessed remotely by Lectra teams to provide real time IT solution for software problems production needs and workflow processes.

Lectra Consultation:

Lectra consultation services help you to identify difficulties related with your business as well as define environment for change in order to boost the creation of your products and reduce their time to market. The lectra teams of specialists will help you define priorities in terms of investments and prepare an action plan to speed up time to market, reduce costs, eliminate useless tasks and improve communication flows. On average, the lectrea specialists have more than 11 years of experience in garments and textile industry and in technology, which enables them to operate in each area of the consulting process, from audit to project implementation.

Training for Lectra Pattern Making Software :

Lectra provide training packages on lectra pattern making software you that will make optimal use of your software and equipment and will learn in record time. With more than 120 instructors, this training can be provided on site with customized programs or at one of Lectra training centers throughout the world. Chose the training modules best suited to your needs and combine them to create your own customized training program

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  1. my name is vinod from south africa
    i have this lectra pattern making machine and my problem is as follows:

    the pc that runs the software is now damaged and the software that i have is on a zip drive(iomega) and its now outdated
    i need to put in a newer pc with windows xp and install the software
    please if there is someone that can assist me. my details

    • Install Lectra Modaris 7 in new pc and it will work. If problem than mail me at

      • Hi . My name is Alex . I been using Modaris V5R1 for at list 10 years , lately I had to replace my hard drive , so now I have Win 7 clean computer , after I installed Modaris with all elements and services , Mpdaris itself working BUT when I try to change saving derictory in ACCESS PATH program close right away without warning …. after few days of trying ,I realy looking for HELP ,
        any advice ?
        Im n Russia
        Thank you

  2. Dear Mashiur Rahman,
    I was wondering if you can help me with my problem. I have the program installed and running v6r1 but it is English and my sister does not know English. I wanted to make Turkish and one time I did but after formatting the computer I can’t do it. Software is working fine and I have files Turkish but I don’t know where to put these files. Do you have any info regarding this?

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