Wilcom Tajima Barudan and other Software:

Wilcom Tajima Barudan and other software company developed embroidery software for design. For more information please contact to us – Email: autogarments@gmail.com, Cell# 01792525354. Embroidery software is the leading application for embroidery industry design and manufacturer. Embroidery software is a set of clothes of CAD/CAM tools providing a first, flexible way to make, correct, organize and stitch out embroidery design. Embroidery software company is developing a lot of software module day by day.

List of Embroidery Software:

Wilcom Embroidery Software Modules

  • Wilcom Truesizer – Version 2006
  • Wilcom Decostudio – – Version 2006
  • DecoStudio Lite- Version 2006
  • DesignWorkflow- Version 2006
  • EmbroideryStudio- Version 2006
  • CorelDRAW X6- Version 2006

Tajima Embroidery Software Modules

  • Tajima DG/ML by Pulse
  • Tajima DG15 by Plus
  • PluseID Automation
  • PluseID Networking
  • PluseID API Toolkit

Barudan Embroidery Software Modules

  • TES V3 Modifier
  • TES Embroidery Studio Plus
  • TES V3 Creator
  • TES V3 Professional
  • TES V3 Viewer

Embird Embroidery Software Modules

  • Basic Embrid
  • Studio
  • Lettering windows fonts
  • Pattern manager and converter
  • Digitizing tools
  • Embroidery from photos
  • Icons from embroidery files
  • Cross stitch
  • Pre-digitized alphabet

Dakota Collectibles Modules

Annthegran Embroidery Software Modules

Janome  Embroidery Software Modules

Bernina Embroidery Software Modules

Wilcom Embroidery Software:

It is design to carry the high output and efficiency requirements of professional digitizer. It also allows beginner and less frequent user to become productive digitizer. Wilcom lets you edit designs at any stages or adapt existing designs for use with different fabrics and machines.


Features of Wilcom Software:

  • Now anybody can view & change embroidery files.
  • FREE TrueSizer e3 desktop and web app now available in willcom office
  • View, modify, read and convert all major embroidery files with full design scalability. Use your PC
  • “The world’s favourite embroidery & apparel decoration software since 1979.”Get Help & Support
  • Wilcom is proudly Australian Software for better embroidery works
  • Wilcom 2006 installation procedure is very easy.

Tajima Embroidery Software :

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse is the best embroidery software solution for your business in home and abroad. With higher lettering features, special stitch effects, and stylish embroidery
creation from vectors, Tajima DG/ML by Pulse has all the tools you need to make
attractive embroidery. The Using Tajima DG/ML by Pulse guide provides you with the information you need to learn about and begin using Tajima DG/ML by Pulse. For a full description of features available in each level, see our marketing brochures or talk to your distributor. For more information about Tajima DG/ML by Pulse, please visit our web site at www.pulsemicro.com.


Most of the machine settings that were once found in Tools—Configuration—User Settings—Output to Embroidery Machine and Tools—Configuration—User Settings—Stitch Generation have been moved to a new design specific Machine Format settings. Now you can apply different machine settings for a selected type of embroidery machine. Settings such as the Maximum Stitch Length, Maximum Jump Length, and Number of jumps for a trim are now stored based on the type of machine you own. We provide default settings for many popular embroidery machine types. We will talk m ore about these settings later in this document.

Tajima Outline Processor:

Edition X supports a powerful Outline Processor that allows you to modify your designs to adjust their stitch count and other settings. With the outline processor, you can set a target stitch count (absolute or percentage) and the system will automatically adjust the values of settings for Fill (Tatami) and Satin density, Fill and Run stitch lengths, and Underlay Density. There are two modes for processing designs. In the Standard mode, the values of all settings are modified by the same proportion. For example if you set a target stitch count of 80%, the system will modify each setting value by 25%. In the Advanced mode, the system will modify each setting value by different percentages, with an effort to maintain overall stitch quality as close to the original design. To use the Outline Processor, follow the steps below:

  • Open an Outline based file by selecting File—Open
  • Select the segments you would like to work with using the Outline Processor or press CTRL + A to select all of the segments.
  • Select Tools—Outline Processor. You will see a dialog box similar to the one below

Embird Embroidery Software:

Embirdd is Machine Independent Embroidery Software. There are 70  embroidery  file formats and 20 home and industrial machine brands supported. Embroidery designs digitizing, editing, organization, lettering and more. The Embird embroidery software is 64-bit and 32-bit Windows application for computer. This software is run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP. Embird for Windows can be used also on Mac with OS X.

embird embroidery software

Parallels Desktop for Mac and Windows are required in this case. Software turns into FULL version only after registration. The Minimum hardware requirements is 1 Gb RAM, screen resolution 800×600, True Color display mode.

Barudan Embroidery Software:

Barudan Embroidery Software

TES  is Barudan Embroidery Software. Barudan Embroidery Software software is an integrated digitizing and editing system, fundamentally strong, reliable and complete for work. It builds the core platform for guiding the creation of embroidery at each stage, always ensuring higher quality results. It is available in dissimilar levels to cater for the varying needs of embroiderers. TES is designed to fit the needs of any user; from the very novice to the most experienced professional. It is completely modular and upgradeable from the entry level Modifier to the top of the line Professional.

Barudan TES Standard Features:

  • Open & Save designs in a variety of formats.
  • View designs in Realistic Mode – a three-dimensional thread simulation view.
  • Resize designs using Stitch Processing.
  • Clean up small stitches & jumps with Design Optimization to reduce thread breaks and sewing time.
  • Write designs directly to Barudan CF (Compact Flash) cards.
  • Send designs via e-mail with a single command.
  • Facilitate production set up with Production Worksheets.
  • View all design files quickly & easily with Design browser.
  • Set design colors choosing directly from thread manufacturers’ color palettes and assign needles on-screen when saving to Barudan formats with Design Color Management.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman, Garments Auto Machine Technologist, Web: www.autogarment.com, Email: autogarments@gmail.com, Cell: +88 017 92 52 53 54