Microcomputer Plug Intertion Test Machine

  • Microcomputer Plug Intertion Test Machine Overload set with automatic stop alarm
  • Using a list of ways to measure the stored test data. …
  • times range: 0 ~ 999999
  • Drive mode: Rotate the eccentric wheel
  • Display: large-screen LCD real-time display
  • Plug the force range: 0 ~ 50kg
  • Minimum insertion force resolution: 0.01kg
  • Stroke adjustment example: 0 ~ 60MM
  • Test speed: 10 ~ 60 (digital display)
  • Two units conversion: N, KG, IB

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Participation committee election procedure in Textile :

1. Election commissioner is selected by the management of the organization in each year of month of June.

2. Election commissioner will announce the election date by month of July in each year .

3. To operate the whole election procedure, election commissioner will select the presiding officer from each floor / department.

4. Members of the committee: As per industrial act1969 ordinance 66 section-6, the company’s participation committee will be consisted of 25 members. Where from worker end total member will be 13 persons and from management 12 persons will be remaining in the committee.

5. Election commissioner will call on the nomination form the concern floor or department in the prescribe from.

6. Elligilability of each candidate: He/ She must work at least one year in the factory and at least 24 years age.

7. Poling agent: After examination of the application of the nominees, election commissioner set the nomination list and post in the notice board. As well as, call on the poling agent list from the candidates in the prescribe form.

8. Election process: In presence of the concern presiding officer along with the polling agent, the candidates name will be declared among the workers and ask to raise the hands for their supporters. Thereafter, all the polling agents will count the hands and submit the report (a prescribe form) to the presiding officer and will declare the name of the winner. Election procedure in each floor shall be followed as mentioned above. Even if any position of the committee is vacant, the election procedure for the same position will be conducted as mentioned above.

9. After finalization the whole report, new committee list will be posted in the notice board.