What is Jewellery Policy for Garments Labor

What is Jewellery Policy for Garments Labor?

Jewellery Policy

To establish Jewelry Policy in organization to prevent any jewelry part to contaminate product. The following procedures shall be adhered to by all company personnel to prevent possible contamination of Product.  Policy will be applicable to all employees working in packing onwards process departments who are involved in carton closing points.  They will be counseled at the time of joining and will be verbally controlled by Supervisors. They should not wear ornaments with hanging parts, extra decorations and additional ornaments. As per basic human rights ground, however they can wear basic single ring ear rings and basic rings and watches; those are securely tightened to body parts.

How to Handle Accident of Contamination (2.0)

Action (2.1)

2.1.1 Immediately report to Supervisor and Manager in case any jewelry part is found lost by anybody.

2.1.2 100% cartons pre-identified from each finishing row with specific date must be re-checked.

2.1.3 An audit must be conducted by independent QA team with quality assurance tools 

Others Rules and Regulation for Labor

Applicable for: This policy will be applicable for all the units of Auto Group and for the employees working there.

Objective: The objective of this policy is to provide guideline on how to develop and implement rules and regulations in the company.

Basis:In every organization there needs to have a set of rules and regulations, based on which the company will be functioning. In the same way, to cope and adapt with the best practices in the industry Auto Group develops regulatory policies based on laws and various situations; and keeping those things in mind and to set a guideline regarding development and finalizing rules and regulations thins policy has been formulated.

Jewelry Policy: To set operational rules and regulations Auto Group will undertake certain options or paths. Which are –

  • At the first place Auto will try to apply law of the land and the labor laws to set and solve certain situations
  • Prior to setting any kind of own rules and regulations, labor laws and law of the land will be checked to develop law complaint policies
  • Auto should also check and verify the existing practices in the other companies in the same industry, and will try to implement best rules and regulation which are found to be beneficial for both the company and its employees
  • In case of facing certain situations which are not matched with the currently adapted rules and regulations Auto will try to identify and solve through the closely matched policies

Regulations & Procedures: In case of setting company rules and regulations based labor law and law of the land Auto Group will follow certain set of procedures –

  • Laws should be read and consulted with the company lawyer
  • Consulting among the management, HR, Compliance and the responsible parties who are to implement those
  • Problems should be identified and decisions should be taken and executed
  • After successful execution, the certain course of action will be recorded as policy and regularly checked audited by internal and external audit teams

In case of setting company’s own policies the following procedures should be undertaken 

  • Problem should be discussed with MD and the management
  • Pros and cons will be evaluated
  • If needed, existing rule and regulation system will be checked and modified
  • After that the decision will be written as policy and rectified by the management
  • Later the policy will be finalized in writing and published, also communicated with the employees through various means

Procedures of setting rules and regulation through emulation –

  • In such condition HR, Compliance and other relevant departments will collect examples
  • Gathered information should be verified to check the authenticity
  • Pros and cons of implementing those policies in the company will be evaluated
  • If needed, existing rule and regulation system will be checked and modified
  • After that the decision will be written as policy and rectified by the management
  • Later the policy will be finalized in writing and published, also communicated with the employees through various means

Procedures for contingency decision making –

  • This procedure will be followed if situation arises which is not exactly supported or covered by policy
  • Situation will be analyzed with the existing possible closest laws and policies
  • Decisions should be taken and implemented based on analyzing situations
  • Post implementation evaluation should be done to identify the feedback of the employees
  • If things found alright and convincing, then policy will be formulated in written format  other that implemented rules and regulations will be reconsidered

Responsible Parties: HR & Compliance departments are be responsible for gathering information from various sources and suggesting solutions. Management is responsible for ultimate approval of the rules through evaluation and discussion with company’s lawyer or legal advisor

Communication & Implementation: The policies are to be communicated to all levels of management through regular and repeated discussions during meetings and implemented and followed up on accordingly. The policy is to be published in the policy book, so it will be visible to the concerned parties.

Exceptions: Exceptions must have the prior approval of Head of HR Policy.


HR & Compliance departments as well as Welfare department will collect feedback from the employees regarding their point of view and reaction on certain or newly developed rules and regulations

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