Garment Packing

Garment Packing Policies and Procedures receives checked garments from the sewing section to pack products as per desired packing instruction of our valued customers. Hangers, Hangtags, Price Tickets are added to the garment in this section. We sale Apparel ERP Software for Garment Finishing Section. Finishing In Charge will monitor, control and implement the following policies and procedures in his or her department:

  • Supervisors will receive the checked garments from the finishing input men as per the schedule and will distribute the work to employees under his supervision.
  • Finishing section checkers will check every garment for visual defects in the garment. After checking a sticker will be placed on the back of the label that will represent that particular garment was checked by him or her.
  • If ironing needs to be done then the garment will be sent to the ironing table by the supervisor of that particular finishing line and after ironing the supervisor will collect the pressed garments for packing.
  • Garment Packing rejected during checking at the final finishing level must be sent to the sewing section for alteration. Input men will take back these garments from the supervisor.
  • Appropriate Price Ticket, Hanger, Hang Tags will be attached to the garment and later the complete product will be packed in poly bags and then to the carton box as per instructed size ratio in the packing list. A Packing Man will put all the poly bags in the carton box and seal with tamperproof tape and then mark the carton number and put his code number on the card. A list of the packers is provided by the finishing In charge so that packing of the carton can be tracked. Packed cartons will be stored in the designated area that is properly fenced.
  • Any shortages must be informed to the Supervisor, Finishing In Charge, and Production Manager.
  • In Case of shortages, the Production Manager will consult with the merchandisers and order for new cut fabric from the Cutting Section and Store Section.
  • After the packing of the carton is complete, the carton box will be stored in the designated area in the packing room. Except for the packing man and authorized people for loading finished goods no one else will be allowed to enter the carton storage area.
  • After completing packing as per the packing list if there is any excess then the excess quantity will be taken to a different table and stored for a week till the shipment is made. After the shipment is made, the label will be removed from the garment and will be mutilated so that customer’s label and design rights are protected. The mutilated bodies will then be added to wastage and will be disposed as per the company policy.
  • During Garment Packing  export a designated supervisor will monitor, control, count and manage the carton that will be exported and will sign the Delivery Chalan
  • Following documentation will be maintained to keep proper records of the work performed in the finishing section:
  • Finishing Input Record to be maintained and kept by Finishing Section In Charge.
  • Order Received Paper and Order OK Report file will also be maintained by the Finishing In Charge

Security Compliance Check List

  • As applicable, the facility perimeter is secured with either a chain – link fence, masonry, steel wall or an equivalent barrier capable to deter illegal access?
  • The perimeter fence / wall have concertina wire, barbed wire, or equivalent substances as an additional security element?
  • Schedule daily inspections are performed of the perimeter including checking for damage, attempted illegal access and needed repair?
  • There are no adjoining / overheating structures or foliage () which would facilitate illegal and unnoticed entry into the facility?
  • Underground access points as culverts, utility tunnels, sewers are secured to prevent unauthorized access?
  • Only the security guard supervisor and designated facility management have keys or access controls to facility gates?
  • The entire facility and perimeter fence / wall are lighted during darkness?
  • The cargo convenience / shipping area is lighted?
  • Lighting has an emergency power source / generator?
  • Access to the lighting area is restricted to only authorized personnel?
  • Empty and loaded containers are stored in a designated area guarded by security at all times?
  • Containers stored on-site, in a designated area, are secured with a high security seal or lock?
  • There is a designated security guard force on duty to protect the facility 24/7?
  • There is a radio communication between the central security office and the exterior guard posts?
  • Security guards have training specific to facility security?
  • Security guards have training specific to threat awareness. Unauthorized access and internal conspiracy?
  • The facility provides an employee the threat awareness program to recognize a security threat?
  • The facility has direct communication to local law enforcement authorities?
  • Security guards and / or security supervisor reports incidents to facility management?
  • Facility gates are protected during operating hours with guards and cameras?
  • Facility gates are protected during non operating hours with guards and cameras?
  • Employee entries and exits are recorded?
  • Security guards patrol the interior of buildings of the facility?
  • Closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) are used to monitor activity inside / outside of the facility?
  • CCTV recordings are kept for 45 days?
  • CCTVs are monitored constantly on all shifts by guards or security personnel with no other assignments?
  • Advance information from a vendor is required before visit?
  • A positive identification process is used to record all visitors and vendors?
  • A visitors log is maintained which records all entries and exits?
  • Visitor badges are controlled through a numbering system when issued and verified upon return?
  • Visitors are escorted throughout their visit to the facility?
  • Procedures are used to screen arriving packages and mail prior to distribution?

Packing and delivery

Please describe your packing and delivery process. Answer: Rafiqul Trims Limited. pack the finished cartons in 10 pcs bundle using PP belt by binding machine.  We have a fleet of 502 numbers of covered vans of our own for deliveries.  In addition another 10-200 delivery vans are used in rental basis.  We deliver the goods door to door in any place of Bangladesh without charging any extra cost.  Our delivery team is consisted of 60 dedicated persons in two shifts.  Upon delivery of the goods the delivery coordinator informs the customers the goods dispatching details by E-mail.


Please describe your sustainability efforts.

Answer: The authority of Rafiqul Trims Ltd. declares that it will ensure a nice work environment in all areas of the factory in accordance with compliance COC & Bangladesh Labour law. That’s why we are highly put pressure on the following areas:

  • Fire Safety issues.
  • Electrical safety issues.
  • Health & Safety Issues.
  • Training & development etc.

Fire Safety Issues:

Rafiqul Trims Ltd. hardly tries to ensure the fire safety issues of its premises & That’s why the authority established a strong fire team as well as appointed a permanent Fire Safety Officer who always monitor the fire safety issues. We have a high volume of fire equipment such as Fire Extinguisher – 2041 Pcs, Bitter- 109 pcs, Hook- 20 pcs, Lock Cutter- 15 pcs, Stretcher- 15 pcs, Fire Blanket- 34 pcs, Gas Mask- 67 pcs, Hand Gloves-25 pcs, Helmet- 35 pcs, Gum Boot- 16 pcs, Smoke Detector- 161 Pcs, Gong Bell- 6 Pcs, Fire Alarm- 300 Pcs, Emergency Light- 51 Pcs, Hose Reel- 12 Pcs, Fire Bucket- 42 Pcs. for the floor area of 1,03,430 sft. We have also installed a hydrant system as well as we have 1,20,000 Litter reserve water. We have installed addressable fire detection system in facility and separated all of our sensitive area by rated fire door. We have also a fire fighting team with a member of 185 persons.

Electrical safety issues:

We have also a strong electrical team with a member of 004 people who are working under a Diploma Eng. Both of the members are certified & working hard for the betterment of electrical safety. We have a nicely decorated central substation point & also have 26 DB boards which are inspected weekly basis. We already have complied with all the NCs or deviation detected at alliance audit through Bureau Veritas.

Health & Safety Issues:

The authority of Rafiqul Trims ltd. thinks that it will ensure a healthy and safe work environment in all areas of the factory. Management also declares that all-personal protective equipment, where necessary, shall be provided at free of cost. Management appoints a senior management representative who is responsible for ensuring fulfilment of H & S requirements in every department/ area and for assessing need to improve further on this issue. We have a strong health and safety committee to uphold the health and safety standard (Fire safety, Electrical safety, Structural safety, Machine safety, Chemical safety, Environmental safety and general Safety) up to the level. We have total number of 31 toilets for the workers & staff which are nicely decorated. We have a nicely decorated medical centre with a Doctor & a full time nurse. Besides it, we have 11 first aid boxes with a 29 trained First Aider. We have also a nice day care centre.

Carton Safety Issue


Rafiqul Group has CSR Program. Under this program, we provide the scholarships to poor student’s yearly basis. In addition to this we distribute warm clothing to the poor and people in remote area of the country. Also we provide the scholarships for education, health purpose, marriages and others to the workers.  We are also funding the Family’s for Children [Orphan House] at Uttara regularly. We have Medical Clinic Name Rafiqul medical Services to serve workers of the Rafiqul Group as well community it is working for community health development. Apart from regular health service BMS organizes Blood Donation Camp, free health Camp, Eye camp periodically. SOFTY is another program by Rafiqul to provide sanitary napkin with a very low cost to ensure women hygiene. Free transportation for the workers, Various type of incentives,  Clothes distribution to the workers, contribution for uphold workers living condition  also are Rafiqul’s part of CSR activities.

Training & Development:

We always put focus on training & development because we know that  if we want to develop our working environment, we have to train the existing workforce. Every month we arrange training on Health & Safety, PPE, Chemical Handling procedure, Compliance COC, HIV awareness, Zero tolerance, Machine safety, Environmental Health & Safety, First Aid Training, Fire Training etc. We have an elected PC committee & the members are very much aware regarding compliance issues. We have also Anti-harassment, Grievance disposal committee, Canteen Committee, OHS committee, Machine Safety Committee; both of the members of each committee are very much aware regarding their responsibilities & work for the betterment of each side.

Thus we  are trying to develop the working condition of our factory with the help of our Factory Policy, Compliance COC & Bangladesh Labour Law.


Please describe why you think you would be the best carton supplier for in Bangladesh?

Answer: Rafiqul Trims Ltd has a band of dedicated staff to control and follow of orders.  The procedures are as below:-

Rafiqul Trims Sales Team has 30 sales persons who keep visiting the customers and negotiate the orders.

The customers ’ orders are sent to Rafiqul Trims Ltd by e-mail.

Rafiqul Trims Ltd has the customer care department with 17 persons who receive the orders by e-mail and issue Proforma Invoices, work orders for bulk production.

The work orders are issued using the Software OPS [Order Processing System] by Database Company. Software is based on SQL [Structured Query Language] platform.

Each work order is carefully checked and rechecked prior to placing them to the production floor in order to avoid any nonconformities of specification, shipping marks and other specification those customer needs.

Production floor commences the bulk production using  the work orders and daily production plan received from customer care department

After production completion, production coordinator reports production achievements to delivery section and customer care department.

Our QCs carry out the Inline inspections on corrugation sheets testing bursting strength and GSM. Also the QCs check the dimension, creasing and printing.

QA department does final inspection of the product applying 2.5 AQL.

Delivery department issues software generated delivery challan and dispatches the goods after they pass the final inspection.

Customer care keep informing the customers and sales department the delivery details on each dispatch by e-mail.


Finishing Input In Charge will maintain the Input Register. The figures of this report will match with the records maintained by the Finishing In Charge and must be compared at regular intervals to check errors of Garment Packing