Fire Rated Door and Security Plan for Factory
Fire Rated Door and Security Plan for Factory

Incident of Fire Precautions

Incident of Fire Precautions

The recent incident of Fire Precautions at office Building is a matter of big concern for all of us. This fire originated during holiday when there was no one in the office and most importantly the in house fire fighting equipment didn’t work. Please bear in mind that this is the Bengali month of Falgun, and Chiatra will follow and both the month will accompany dry season. As the heat churns up from mid day onwards, any accidental ignition from any source might erupt havoc, which may God forbid. … 

While during day time, factories are populated by workers and staff and any outbreak of fire can be settled by taking appropriate action by the in house Fire Fighting Party. The concern remains during the night time and holidays when the factory remains closed and with the exception of a few security staff no one remains around. If during that time if any fire originates due to Short Circuit or any other source – what would be the drill to combat fire during that situation? In view of the same please ensure the following:

All security guards must be assigned with particular given fire extinguisher. And he must know how to use it.

All security men must know ‘by heart’ the number of nearest fire brigade. The same must be posted in the sentry post.

The moment they observe smoke/fire they must instantly inform the Factory Management, whose phone numbers are to be posted in the sentry post and the guards must also know and remember.

All fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, auto sprinklers, smoke detectors and other affiliated fire fighting aids must be kept ready and functional at all times. If during any inspection any fire fighting aid is found to be in an inoperative state – strict disciplinary steps are to be taken against the individual. Ensure that fire hydrants jets out water with sufficient force.

Ensure that there is no loose wire or dangerously exposed electrical leaks anywhere in the factory. If found take immediate repair measure. If necessary talk directly with the undersigned.

Enhance awareness on fire hazard among all rank and file of the factory.

Cleanliness in and around the factory building has to be ensured. There should not be any small pieces of garments or papers littered around.

A small laminated card may be issued to them with phone numbers of Fire Precautions Brigade and management staff.

All security men must be strictly cautioned not to smoke in the factory. Drastic action must be taken if anybody is seen doing so.

Please ensure that sufficient number of fire fighting equipments is kept readily available at the disposal of security elements so that they can react with effective response.

Please carry out fire fighting drill at the earliest with the security men under the scenario of a fire originated when the factory is closed.

How to prevent Fires from starting in the first place

  • Try to extinguish by using of nearest fire fighting equipment (Fire extinguisher Water, Sand and other fire equipment)
  • Switch off Floor electric main switch.
  • Inform others (shout fire, fire)
  • Strike gong bell, Raise fire alarm, Fire Precautions.

Storage Flammable and Explosive Materials

  • To ensure safe storage of flammable and explosive materials in compliance with applicable statutory requirements.
  • Store provide with suitable doors, windows etc.
  • Enter description of flammable store (where applicable)
  • Store neat, tidy and clean.
  • Store regularly inspected by Safety Rep. (where applicable)
  • Bonding used when decanting
  • Bonding leads provided and Works Notice posted ( where applicable)
  • Alternatively:
  • Less than 50 Liters of class 1 flammable (thinners) kept on the premises.
  • Flammable store not required.
  • Containers stored in steel cabinet.

Emergency Action Plan

  • General Instruction to all Staff
  • In the event of Fire
  • Operate Nearest Fire Alarm
  • Use appropriate Fire Equipment
  • Shut of Machines
  • Call Fire Brigade
  • Evacuate Premises to Assembly Points
  • Special Instruction for Oxygen & DA Plants

In the Even of Fire


  • Oxygen Plant
  • Operate Fire Precautions Alarm
  • Shut off compressors
  • Stop Expansion Engine
  • Use appropriate Fire Fighting Equipment to fight fire if safe
  • Call Fire Brigade.

Evacuate Premises to Assembly Points For DA Plant 

  • Operate Nitrogen Valve
  • Shut of power by Emergency Valve
  • Operate nearest fire Alarm
  • Fight Fire if it is safe.
  • Call Fire Precautions Brigade.
  • Evacuate Premises to Assembly Points

Fire Fighting Drill and Instruction

Objective:To ensure prompt, competent response to a fire situation, to minimize effects of a fire.Fire Teams adequate to risk.Sufficient fire teams designated in writing and teams displayed in area.Teams available on all shifts.Adequate teams to be established to over all shifts, overtime, leave etc.

Fire Drills-minimum twice per yearFire drills to be conducted every 3 months using fire equipment.(Records to kept.)Evacuation drill.General evacuation to be conducted every six months.Effectiveness of drills evaluated by site safety manager after each exercise.( keep reports on file )

Some one in each department other than Fire Precautions team trained. Other employees (other than fire teams) trained in the use of fire equipment. (Records to be kept of participants and type of training done. )


Objective:To ensure that the correct protective footwear is provided to prevent injuries.

Procedure:To carry out a study and declare hazardous areas where it is necessary to use protective footwear.

To issue correct type of protective footwear for the type of job. Safety Representative to check if worn of Fire Precautions

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