How ATM Works? Introducing Automated Teller Machine

How ATM Works? Introducing Automated Teller Machine

How ATM Works? Introducing Automated Teller Machine – We have the pleasure to inform that we have inaugurated the shared ATM Card operations along with eight other local private member banks under the technical support of Electronic Transaction Network (ETN) Dhaka. Our branches may now deliver the product to our valued customers. The salient features of the product are as follows: aaa

Feature of the product

What is ATM ?

The ATM Blue Card is a facility wherein customers can access and perform a transaction related to  their corresponding Savings Account and Demand Deposits maintained with the bank from any Teller machine conveniently located  at different places other important  cities round the clock.  At the moment our product will activate only as Off-line ATM Card as all our branches have not yet been automated for online banking facility.

  • What can a customer perform  with ATM ?
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Customer can easily withdraw cash from their account.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount in a day : Tk.    1,000.00
  • Maximum withdrawal amount in a day: Tk.  20,000.00 
  • Maximum number of transactions in a day: 10
  • Maximum amount in single transaction: Tk. 5000.00

Account Balance Inquiry

Current and available balance of Savings and Demand Deposit account can easily be inquired through this facility. Since at the moment we are allowing only Debit Card facility and until such time we can arrange online connectivity for our branches a customer can also enquire about the status of the relative Card account.

Utility/Bills Payments

Customers shall be facilitated to pay-out their utilities to respective institution (i.e,.DESA, BTTB, GrameenPhone etc.) through  the ATM Card  by debiting their account shortly. The customer here just needs to enroll for the facility.

Transaction Receipt Print-out

For every transaction processed, a receipt will be printed by the ATM Card machine for customer reference or file copy.Initially the ATM Card holder can only access his/her Savings Account and Demand Deposit account. In our case until our branches are connected online cardholders will have access only to the information on their respective card account which is separate from Savings/Demand Deposit account.A distinct card number shall be assigned for every ATM Cardholder.An ATM Card holder shall be assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which shall be generated by Electronic Transaction Limited (ETN). The PIN is printed in a sealed PIN Mailer which has to be strictly confidential and can not be disclosed to any other person except the customer to whom the PIN Mailer shall be delivered in sealed cover. ATMs shall not allow Cardholders to input wrong PIN more than twice. The Card will be captured by ATMs in case Cardholders input wrong PIN for the third time. Issuance of ATM Card shall carry a charge of Tk. 88.00

Objective of  the product

To reduce teller workload.To increase the accessibility of  bank, utility and commercial establishments in terms of availability and convenience.To provide better customer service.To reduce cost of additional branch/booth and other facilities related to manual handling of the concerned transactions.Operational Procedure

Procedure for Card Issuance

Application Form Processing:Branch shall obtain application forms from customers in prescribed format of ATM accounts with all relevant columns & particulars duly filled-in and signed on the specified space. In case of an existing customer of any branch having Savings or other Demand Deposit accounts the branch can obtain an authority from the customer to open an ATM/ Debit Card account for the party authorising to transfer the certain amount of money from its existing Savings or Demand deposit account to be blocked or segregated for utilisation by ATM Cards. But in  every case the branch shall get the ATM Card application form duly signed by the customer.

In case of a new account applicant, the branch may approach the party to open a separate Savings Account or a Demand Deposit account with the branch. If the new applicant for ATM Card does not agree for a separate Savings or Demand Deposit account, an ATM card account shall be opened in the prescribed application form and treated as a regular entity without having Savings or Demand Deposit account for the party. In that case deposit for ATM card shall be obtained in that account against deposit slip either in cash or transfer from other bank. Branch shall realise a service charge for Tk. 1500/- for each ATM Card once in a year.  Service charge for the 1st year shall be realised at the time of opening the account.After processing of the ATM Card application form of existing and new customers branch shall allot a new ATM Card number to the customers.Deposit so received/transferred from existing account shall be credited to that account.Branch shall realise annual charges for ATM Card service.

Account Number                :

Name of the Account         :

  • Address                             :    
  • Present balance as on ________________ Tk. ____________

Activation Procedure:Branch shall hand over the Card and PIN Mailer to the respective customer and collect an acknowledgement from the customer in due course. Branch  shall  verify the signature on the acknowledgement and confirm immediately to Head Office. After receipt of branch’s confirmation the respective ATM Card shall be activated for transaction. 

General Provisions

  • The facility may be availed by existing accountholders of Savings Account and/or Current Account with the branch.
  • A new customer may be granted this facility, provided either he/she opens a Savings or Current Account with the branch or,  in case he does not want to open a separate account, opens a ATM Card A/c.
  • All ATM Card account applicants whether existing accountholders or new depositors is required to submit an ATM Card Application Form requesting to open an ATM Card Account. In case of an existing cardholder, an authority to open an ATM Card and transfer some specified amount to that account shall serve the purpose. He shall also agree to abide by all relevant rules/procedure of ATM Card by signing on the ATM Card application form.
  • Approval of application to open an ATM Card Account shall be based on Terms and Conditions stipulated on the ATM Card Application Form.
  • A monthly statement of account showing all month-to-date financial transactions shall be sent to the customers through the branch. Cut-off date of the statement is every 30th day of the current transaction month.
  • The following type of account holders shall not be allowed to open or convert their account to an ATM Card account
  • Corporations and Incorporated entities.
  • Partnership.
  • By and In-trust for Accounts.
  •  Joint accountholders shall be issued a separate type of ATM Cards bearing different card

numbers and Personal Identification Number. ATM Cards shall be subject to payment of charge separately.

Special Instructions:

  • ATM Card account shall be a non checking account. Branch can not issue cheque book in that account.
  • Cheque book can as usual be issued for other existing accounts of the ATM Card customers like Savings or other Demand Deposit account.
  • Balance in ATM Card account shall be used for withdrawal through the card or for other transactions like payment of utility bills, etc. In any case balance in the account can not be debited even at the request of the customer

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