Blue Card for Garments

Blue Card is the name of a commercial fancy medium. This numbers of outlets are going to be 1000 within September. Any customer shall get discount from these outlets if they show this card to the shopkeepers. Its similar like master card 

You have to buy this card with only 200 taka and you will have exactly one year of validity.

We have brought all the sectors under Blue Card, which includes all your monthly expenditures except

your house rent and your child’s educational cost.

You may save up to 10 to 15 thousand taka a year just by buying it with 200 taka.

If you just have a glance at the attachments below you will have the idea that we already worked on all

those factors that you might question about.

We have been working since the past two and a half years to make Blue Card more user-friendly. We

ensured that everyone will be benefitted by using this card.

Blue Card was inaugurated on last 14th of July through a triumphant Press Conference. We are

overwhelmed regarding the fact that we have received a lot more praises from our customers than


We are now confident that the uprising of Blue Card is just a matter of time.

In the mean time, some renowned Corporate House already ordered 20,000 Blue Card. At least 8 more

Corporate Houses are on the pipeline to make Business Dealing with us. They will be giving these cards

to their moderate earning employees as a gift, so that their employees could save their money by

getting discount through the entire year.

You just had a preliminary idea about Blue Card just by having a look at this mail.

If you just could kindly spare us a little time of yours from your very busy schedule we could clearly

explain that how Blue Card is useful for Corporate Houses. Then you would also start believing that Blue

Card might become your one of the development partner.

We are not going to halt our duties just after selling cards, rather we would contribute in the marketing

of your products/services as well.

Greeting Cards

On any special day, exchanging greeting cards with our loved ones, friends, colleagues and acquaintances

is a common but old practice even though the emotional baggage that ships with it often makes it

awkward for us to get rid of them even though they keep piling up in our desks or drawers.

At present, many commercial organizations have developed the culture of giving special greeting cards to

their employees and clients on special days and occasions.

It’s time to rethink the way of exchanging greetings so it brings real value and not create such emotional


Blue Card has a few observations about greeting cards. Hopefully, you will not disagree

with our observations.

  1. A standard quality greeting card costs more than a Blue Card.
  2. Delivering the card to the right person incurs more expense.
  3. Also, usually Greeting card loses its value soon as the special day is over.
  4. As days pass by, you get more greeting cards, and they get piled up on your desk or wherever until you

decide to get rid of them.

Blue Card can be a traditional greeting card with real life value and utility. The reasons

why you should use Blue Card instead of greeting card:

  1. Blue card costs less than a standard greeting card.
  2. For corporate organizations, we deliver Blue Card discount card with company’s logo and greetings. Blue Card article is end