Hard Plastic Glasses

To establish a hard plastic glasses Control Program in organization or outside at the side disposal side, to prevent serious physical hazards to employees of organization or human society outside or product and that could cause injury or death to the customer. The following procedures shall be adhered to by all company personnel to prevent possible hard plastic glasses safety hazards.

Program Requirements of Hard Plastic Glasses

  • No glass items or broken sharp hard plastic should be kept in open or undisclosed inside or outside at the disposal site.
  • No glass bottles allowed on production floors.
  • Wherever possible, try to use substitute product made of hard plastic glasses materials.
  • On all Glass doors, proper alert signs should be there.
  • Control on issuing and receipt of Tube lights.
  • Tube lights must be properly secured to holders. All holders must be inspected by electrician every month.
  • Inspection of Windows must be done every month.
  • Tube lights are installed with Safety control in case of loose holder.
  • All employees must be trained to handle the situation if tube light falls off down.
  • All used tube lights must be kept in quarantine area segregated clearly away from other disposable waste and must be disposed off with proper record.
  • All the garments contaminated with glass must be rejected and disposed burnt off.
  • To ensure that disposed tube lights are being recycled and not being disposed off in HAZARDOUS way to environment.
  • Every month a management audit to be conducted for all above clauses and top management to be updated on findings.
  • In case of any non compliance to any of above point, a proper corrective action plan has to prepare with involvement of senior management.
  • Certificate from Disposal supplier that tube lights recycled and not being disposed in a Hazardous manner to environment and society.
  • All the office and inspection room glass walls must be covered with curtains so that in case of glass breakage, the particles are not too much scattered.
  • Should have disposal policy

How to Handle Accident of Tube breakage

  • Respective Floor Manager
  • Respective Personal Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Operator working on work station
  • Production GM
  • Quality GM
  • Doctor

Emergency Action about Hard Plastic Glasses

  • Immediately quarantine the area with a rope and take account of physical condition of person involved in accident and fabric/garments in quarantine area.
  • Use hand gloves to collect glass waste.
  • Use medical assistance if required immediately.
  • Fabric/garments involved in accident area must be rejected and recorded in Glass Accident Register.
  • Collected hard plastic glasses must be disposed off as per disposal policy.