Garment Qauality Control Checklist
Garment Qauality Control Checklist

Garment Quality Control Checklist for Inspection

Quality control checklist

Garment quality control checklist- Ensure 100% PP meetings, Inline and final inspections are done for all styles. Better mange the PO’s and the Inspection quality level. Educate the supplier on the new procedure of both quality and service level to our customers. This Quality Assurance Manual is prepared to ensure proper communication of the Quality System at different levels. At the time of making new styles I give my support to avoid complicated sewing and introducing  simpler methods so that productivity also can be increased when it comes to the bulk production ,always keep a closed monitoring t control quality level by doing day to day inspection …

Product Quality

The Quality Assurance Manual covers all garments manufacturing processes ad different quality control techniques used to ensure quality of the products.

QA Folder:

Detailed review of QA folder before PP meeting for US and all initial markets fo 100% Integrity. Other than this style file (separate for each style) QA department has hold of following files:

  • Spreading audit file.
  • Cutting audit file.
  • Stitching in – line audit file.
  • Finishing audit file (including finishing analysis report)
  • Embroidery / outside job work audit file (including job work analysis report)
  • Washing menu file.
  • Inspection requisition file (this includes the requirements given by production department time to time for final inspection).

Pre Production Meeting at factory

Before starting bulk production, a few pieces of garments are made in actual production conditions and system using actual fabrics. Investigations are made during making of the garment by the Q.A in assistance with the R&D team. The various aspects to be looked upon during trials are as follows:

  • Fabric quality, like grain line, silt line, G.S.M, elasticity, whiteness, shrinkage etc.
  • Recommended processing / finishing of fabric.
  • Machines recommended for production of the garments.
  • Attachments, guides to be used in sewing machines.
  • Construction problems and preventive action to be taken.
  • Embroidery recommendation and design problems.
  • Washing standard.
  • Recommend garments finishing system.
  • Report of the above is made and sent to various concerned departments.
  • Having PP meeting for all styles to ensure to understand garment quality control checklist level of each customer.
  • Pilot sample review.
  • Review Fabric and accessories to ensure 100% conformity and non-counterfeit issues.
  • For each and every style QA holds separate file, which contains following papers:
  • Specifications sheet and drawings (to be provided by PPC)
  • Accessories details (to be provided by PPC)
  • PO list (to be provided by PPC)
  • R&D Report (to be provided by R&D Department)
  • Complete needle work review
  • Complete assembling and operation review.
  • Capacity and adequate machinery availability review
  • Product safety review.

Inline / Pre Final Inspection at factory

  • Process verification for product and process integrity.
  • Ensure 100% inline / Pre final inspection across all retail markets  to ensure finished goods are in good quality.
  • All pre production commitments need to be checked for consistency and implementation.
  • The correlation percentage of work performance for PP and Inline should be 100%

Final Inspection at factory

  • Ensure 100% Final Inspection with at most garment quality control checklist for all the above parameters found/discussed / corrected in PP and inline. Internal /External Customer support

Product Integrity

  • Ensure product integrity all the time.
  • On risk management use the skill to check the counterfeit for kids and infant merchandise.
  • Identify the issue in the pre production and bring to the notice of HOD.

Inspection Report Process

  • Ensure right Inspection process to follow as per set norms.
  • Proper report writing with clear messages of expected problem, causes, issue, severity, solution and prevention.

Lab Test

  • Support to achieve lab test requirements 95% pass rate across all soft line products.
  • Scrutinize on time and bulk sample requirements and execution while marinating necessary testing standard such as usability, flammability, and color fastness, rubbing stability to meet customer satisfaction.

Avoid customer complains

Pilot is prepared by the sampling department for getting approval from the buying house Q.C to start production. Before showing pilot garments to the buying house Q.C in – house Q.C inspects the same. The general problem in garments construction, measurements and finishing are checked for. In case of regular measurements problem in each garment, patterns are also checked for that. Ensure 0% product quality claims by reviewing previous customer complains reports.

Support Business strategy

  • Ensure on time accurate feed back on critical issues to managers and to merchandisers.
  • Production delays must keep informed to manager and merchant well in advanced.
  • The in lines inspections must be fully through with the supplier and ensure all problems are sorted in the inline so that pre final and final inspections can be smooth.

Any issues on quality procedure must be high lighted to manager and Merchant, and early action must take to sort the problem.


  • I have complete total modules of selected “Computer Base Learning” training program at Wal-mart Global Procurement.
  • I have participated  cultural training modules by team
  • Ability to conduct the Technical Evaluation of factory, which is related to the ethical standard Audit. This evaluation will help for the identification of capacity, capability and safety as per the buyer requirement.


Every packed shipment is checked for measurement of the garments as per the required standard as per the company policy or as per buyers’ standards (if specified). Refer to the Measurement Audit Report \. When it comes to bulk production, always keep a closed monitoring to control garment quality control checklist level by doing day to day inspections. Visit factories on random basis other than the inline or final inspection to ensure Garment Qauality Control Checklist level.

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