Compliance Matrix

Compliance Matrix – The problem is already with BGMEA to resolve with the concerned authority. We are waiting for the discussion of BGMEA.

  • Compliance Matrix – Arrow sticker must be change with in a week
  • One person found working on the ground for Compliance Factory
  • Responsible supervisor should be observed that the Floor pathways never be blocked by any workers.
  • Sufficient spaces and tables are not available at Fusing Area.
  • Maintenance Dept & Admin Dept is both responsible for checking and looks after the safety Equipments like Fire Extinguishers refill date and expired date.
  • Spot removing place should be keep clean and the instruction of sport removing need to change and hang beside the spot removed person.
  • Finishing Supervisor and Admin Dept will be full responsible for this Area.
  • Accounts Dept need to more conscious about the salary payment, at this time revenue stamp should be attached on the salary sheet before giving the salary.
  • Manager Administration will take immediately action for renew the Factory license.
  • Boiler Certificate & Boiler Operating Certificate will be prepare immediately.
  • Fire Team should be follow-up by the Admin Dept; if any person left teams immediately fill up that post, wit well trained worker or staff.
  •  First Aid Box will be arranged with proper Equipments.
  • Water filter need to more checking by responsible Dept.
  • Finishing Supervisor will look after that Shoes at iron Area are properly arranged and using.
  • No Machine should be run with safety guard and about that need more co-operations with every body. Who are related with this matter like Admin & Maintenance Dept.
  • In the line Supervisor will properly look after that Sewing Asst., could not using the Machine in the absent of Operator.
  • Injury Register should prepare in a proper way.
  • Suggestion Box needs to more upgrade with Register book.
  • Compliance Matrix is essential


Manager Administration and Welfare Officer of HGL mentioned that in the regular counseling classes regarding Grievance has been discussing Proof of counseling classes is also shown as a register. But, WO as a class conductor did not obtained signature from the participants. In this regard Welfare Officer, advised to maintain record of participant’s signature and to follow the procedure to ensure better coordination.

Employment Contract

The auditor found the copy of workers contract form but those were old and they have pointed out some different. It is also sure that those points are in favor of Bangladesh gazette 2006. However, as we are going to issue the Workers Hand book that will perhaps fulfill the requirement of buyer auditors. Other wise updated contract form will be placed in the individuals files. In this point Manager Administration replied to buyer auditors that due to pick hour it was higher.

Trainee’s workers

Manager Administration has explained the desire of auditors. In fact, we are not doing any thing against BD Gazette 2006. However, it is now the problem of whole garment sector.

Workers Welfare Committee (WWC):

Manager Administration replied to Auditors So, from the next Meeting we will display on the Notice board.Sr. Welfare Officer discussed on the -Notice, Agenda or Minutes regarding must be displayed on the Notice board.

  • Administrative Officer discuss the following important point:
  • In connection with policy, procedure, system, notice, instruction etc all the factories should be in one plat form.
  • The Welfare Officer is advised that she will show or produce her plan, draft etc to the SWO with the intimation of Manager Administration. To introduce any new system of dealing with workers she will definitely liaison with first. She will try to follow the system/procedure . To make those similar she will go to SWO to discuss as required. This will bring another good result.
  • Welfare Officer will prepare her activity program/plan highlighting the basic/core point like Grievance, Health & Safety, First Aid, and Fire fighting so that at the first sight Buyers. End of Compliance Matrix