Bf-200 Printing on Foam Board

The product is also called puff-print paste or foamboard printing and are clarified according to different foam multiplier, BF-200 is low multiplier foam. BF-200 is low multiplier foam, could be foam with temperature of  80-120℃. It is used for screen printing environment. BF-200 is washing resistance type, specially designed for burning flower printing. Mix a little water or harder to lower down the viscosity. But please use higher viscosity to print, thus printing materials is not easy to infiltrate to cloth bottom, and have a better hand-touch(softness). If the foam multiplier is too high, add BW-S or BR-S to ajust it, add BW-S for white degree requirement, add elastic transparent paste BR-S for colour requirement. Add BW-768M or BR-768G serial for hand-printing.

After Foamboard Printing:

  • Add colour paste after foamboard printing and add colour paste directly, after mixing up, add some water to adjust the viscosity if needed, as different colour paste has different viscosity.
Foamboard Printing
Foamboard Printing
  • Could be use temperature to foam directly, but the printing surface will be rough.
  • Could be use heat-presser to foam with temperature of 125℃ for 5 second, in this way, the printing surface will be better smooth.
  • The above information is based on our own company’s test result, please have a test with small quantity before manufaturing with big quantity.
  • According to international consuetude of chemical product , we are not obligated to any guarantee about foamboard printing.


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