Floor In charge
Floor In charge Duties

Floor In charge Duties and Job Responsibilities

Floor in charge

  • Floor In charge -Ensure safe, healthy, hygienic and clean drinking water for all the workers on the floor. Regular checking of the drinking water pot and glasses used are a must. Read more Sewing Output Garment Manufacturing Software
  • Ensure first aid kit is filled with all the prescribed items and in due quantity as written on the kit. At least two workers must be trained in first aid. Manager Administration can be contacted to facilitate training of the workers in first aid. One worker can be trained every month to ensure there are at least two workers at any given time who are trained in first aid in case of absence or leave. Workers trained in first aid must be easily identifiable (Badge) and listed in a register.
  • Floor In charge Ensure all fire extinguishers are in working condition. And at least 15 people in every floor must be trained in operating the fire extinguishers. Aim should be to train all the workers in a floor to operate an extinguisher. They also must be easily identifiable (Badge) and listed in a register.
  • Workers actively participate in fire drills and are trained not to panic at times of emergency.
  • Toilets must be kept clean on a regular and periodical basis.
  • Aisles and emergency exits must be kept free of any obstruction at any given time so that employees can evacuate easily in times of emergency.
  • All loose, exposed or hanging wires must be corrected or repaired with the help of the floor electricians.
  • All machines needing adjustment or repair must be reported to the floor mechanic. A register is provided to the mechanics to assure issues regarding the machine is addressed in a timely manner. It helps management ensure everyone do their work responsibly.
  • Workers should be encouraged to use protective equipment for their own safety.
  • Workers should be informed and encouraged to exercise their rights, privileges and responsibilities. Periodic training and information sessions on security issues related to safety of man, material and information of the company must be conveyed. Also information regarding leave benefits like earned leave, sick leave, maternity leave, festival leave, weekly holidays, rest policy, minimum wages, overtime rates, attendance and festival bonus must be communicated with the workers. Manager Administration and Welfare Officer will attend these sessions to explain in detail as per the Employee Handbook.
  • Workers should be highly encouraged to use the suggestion or complain box to inform the management about their grievances or valued suggestions.  
  • ProductionFloor In charge, supervisors are to keep and maintain records of the production in the most eligible, transparent and clearly in the prescribed forms and registers provided by the company. Any record kept on any personal notebooks or loose sheets will not be accepted by the company. A list of the records recognized by the management and maintained by each floor and department is attached herewith for reference.

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