Garments Supply Chain Management in Apparel Industry

Elpic Soft has been developed as fashion supply chain management in apparel industry software for automation the garments business process from the creation of the business module to the processing of day by day business. We are the authorized distributor of all largest software company in Bangladesh. Please contact us by submitting a comment below on Leave a Reply box. More Supply chain erp.  For any queries, please Contact Us.

Garments Supply Chain Management in Apparel Industry Main Benefits

  • Exact & thorough control of all manufacturing production processes for maximizing volume & profits for each item – by the department & by the whole business enterprise
  • Tracking the garments external processing
  • Production & monitoring system reporting
  • Production lead-times Reduction
  • Job management and costing
  • Proactive communication between production manufacturer & customer service so that potential delays & problems can be identified & corrected.
  • Quality development by better managing material usage & actual parameter settings for production
  • Reduction of waste with accurate process & monitoring activities
  • Accurate management of external garment processes, including in transit shipping and sub contract processes, & price lists for internal commissioned activities if any
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Invoicing an pricing

Garments Supply Chain Management in Apparel Industry Software Modules

  • Procurement or Purchase
  • pending order,
  • purchase order,
  • item wise latest purchase price,
  • order requisition auto generation,
  • Minimum & re-order quantity,
  • suppliers wise latest purchase price,
  • item wise Maximum,
  • import L.C. wise Import quantity
  • Invoice wise Import quantity,
  • rate & value &  other functions.

Raw Material Inventory

  • Date wise Material Received,
  • C. (letter of credit) Wise Material Received,
  • Invoice Wise Material Received,
  • MRR form Wise Material Received,
  • Suppliers or Vendor Wise Material Received,
  • Item of garment wise Material Received,
  • Date Wise Garment Material Issue,
  • C. (letter of credit) Wise Material Issue,
  • Invoice Wise Garment Material Issue,
  • Suppliers Wise Garment Material Issue
  • other functions of Garment issue

Finished Goods Inventory

  • Date Wise Fabric Production including Roll Number
  • Date Wise Fabric Production including Yards,
  • Style Wise Apparel Fabric Production,
  • Set Wise Apparel Fabric Production,
  • Packing List Preparation,
  • Apparel Fabric Stock in house (Roll Serial No.),
  • Fabric Stock – Style no,
  • Fabric Stock – Roll No,
  • Fabric Stock – Yards etc.
  • Fabric Stock Opening
  • Fabric Stock Balance
  • Fabric Stock Opening –– Shipment
  • Date Wise Finished Goods Shipment,
  • Customer for fashion supply chain management
  • C(letter of credit) ,
  • Invoice Wise Finished Goods Shipment & other functions.

Spare parts Inventory

  • Date wise Spare parts Received,
  • Date wise Spare parts issued,
  • C (letter of credit). wise Spare parts issued and Received,
  • Invoice wise Spare parts issued and Received,
  • MRR wise Material issued and Received,
  • Suppliers wise Spare parts issued and Received,
  • Item wise Spare parts issued and Received & other functions.

Marketing (Sales and CRM)

  • Customer List,
  • Profit by fashion supply chain management
  • Garment Sales Price,
  • Bill of Material Cost,
  • Item Wise product Costing,
  • Customer Wise Item Sales,
  • Purchase Order Booking Report,
  • Style (Item) Wise – Profit Percent
  • Purchase Order Booking Balance,
  • Cancelled Purchase Order Booking,
  • Style (Item) Wise – Profit
  • Style (Item) Wise Sales Price
  • Style (Item) Wise – Cost
  • T&A and other functions.

Export L.C.(Letter of credit) Management

  • Create Customer List,
  • Cancelled Proforma Invoice,
  • All Proforma Invoice,
  • Monthly Proforma Invoice Summary,
  • Pending Proforma Invoice & other functions.
  • Monthly Export L.C.(Letter of credit)
  • Received Detail & Summary,
  • Item Wise Finished Goods Shipment,
  • Date Wise Finished Goods Shipment,
  • Style Wise Finished Goods Shipment,
  • Customer Wise Finished Goods Shipment,
  • Cash Sales Statement,
  • Commercial Document Submitted to Bank,
  • UD management
  • Bond Ledger of fashion supply chain management
  • PI- Proforma Invoice,
  • Commercial Invoice / Export Entry,
  • Finished Goods Delivery Challan,
  • Inspection Certificate,
  • Packing List,
  • Undertaking,
  • Bank Forwarding Letter,
  • Bill of Lading
  • Delivery Challan & other functions.

Production Process Management

  • Production unit set up,
  • production workflow setup,
  • production item set up,
  • production management audit,
  • production &

Financial Management

  • Earning,
  • Proceduralist
  • fashion supply chain management expenses,
  • Create ledger,
  • Balance of fashion supply chain management
  • Payroll and entity

Human Resource Management (HRM).

  • Make salary sheet
  • Employee information,
  • employee movement tracking through RFID &
  • Employee attendance for Garments Supply Chain Management in Apparel Industry


Fashion supply chain management is process of ready made garments industries