Definition Of Terrorism. How Terrorism May Happen?

Definition Of Terrorism. How Terrorism May Happen – To understand the word ‘terrorism’ the security personnel must first know what is meant by terrorism, where is its origin, what is its effect in modern world, where is its expansion, who is responsible for this, and who are they. First they should define it, understand it and classify it. The word ‘terrorism’ comes from the word ‘terror’ that means to create problem and afraidness in modern age and loss of peace, progress and prosperity. CTPAT Requirements for Readymade Garments to protect threats

Living in an age of modern world nobody can deny that modern world is polluted with some terrorist activities done by the evil or mislead person and they are called terrorist. In one word we can say that what is done by terrorist is called terrorism. Terrorism happens with suicide, bomb blast, putting bomb here and there, kidnapping, killing and showing weapons.  As per industrial perspective ‘terrorism’ means any kind of attacking intension to destroy wealth, assets, stop the production goodwill etc of a company which may finally affect socio-economic sceneries of an organization and the country as a whole.

‘Terrorism’ means the loss of peace in every respect of life and establishment of social disorder everywhere in the modern world. It has a great effect to the social, economical, industrial, political, and national affairs. The modern civilization is stopped by the terrorists. Evil power always wants to be established by their criminal activities.

By terrorism the life of common people, country business, industries   are very much disturbed. There are always disturbance and suspense. People cannot live in peace. The economic condition of a country may fall down at any time. It may destroy the social life style and hampered the industrial progress specially the export oriented garments sector and productivity. Foreign buyer will not come to the country. More than twenty lacs garments employees will lose there jobs. A nation cannot be stable for a single moment for the rapid expansion of terrorism. So not only the security personnel but also every body should be alert by this term.

How Terrorism May Happen?  

Terrorism activities may be happened in many aspects-

A terrorist may keep chemical weapons into the export cartoons. They can carry the explosive through their tiffin boxes, hand bags etc.

Highly explosive materials may be packed with the exported garments in packing section. Explosive may be hidden inside the cargos.

A terrorist may attack to the assets of foreign buyers or companies assets. Finally, a terrorist may sabotage through damaging the machine.

A terrorist may attack the export cargo vehicles intention to destroy the    goods or to keep explosive into the exported cartoons.

A group of terrorist may attack from outside of the factory to destroy the company’s assets as well as buyer’s assets.   One worker or a group of workers may inspire others to loss the reputation of the company / to loss the property of the company. As a result the company may loss its reputation and beside this it may face economic problem. 

It is not easy to find out a terrorist. A terrorist is not a people out of our world nor does he come of other planet. He is a common people of our society.  He is like a common people living with us all. To find out a terrorist security personnel must be coconscious each and every time. They should take proper training which is modern.

Conclusion Definition Of Terrorism

They should be alert to find out a terrorist. They should be highly trained with modern technology. The can take help by many organization both government or non-government. They should have the capability to find out a terrorist both internally and externally. They can use modern equipment like metal detector or close circuit camera to identify a terrorist. Beside this they will take help of the law enforcement division.