CTPAT Requirements for Readymade Garments
CTPAT Requirements for Readymade Garments

CTPAT Requirements for Readymade Garments

CTPAT Requirements

CTPAT Requirements for all visitors should have present valid identification upon arrival. Need to record the identification of all visitors in visitors’ log book & issue a card/badge to all visitors with clearly identifies the visitor’s status which must be worn all time…

  • C-TPAT means Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism which is the result of September 11th, 2001 of the United States has undertaken a number of initiatives to improve US border IT security. One of these initiatives is the Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism. Factory will CTPAT Requirements all employees present valid identification upon arrival.
  • C-TPAT is a joint of government and business initiatives to improve supply chain security. Factory will inspect the baggage of all visitors & employees upon arrival at the facility.
  • Visitors escorted at all time by authorized persons/employees in the factory areas specially packing, shipping & receiving areas.
  • Parking areas for visitors & employees are separated from each other and also cargo, shipping & receiving areas.
  • The C-TPAT program is voluntary. C-TPAT provides US importers and their trade partners the opportunity to join in the war against terrorism and to ensure the timely delivery of imported goods into the United States. No bag, Tiffin bag, parts allowed in production floors.
  •  Need to collect hand detector for checking the bags of all visitors and employees.
  • Workers’ name lists (Who work in packing area) should be posted on packing area.
  • During working time authorized workers will wear their ID card.
  • If any visitor wants to access into packing area, a visitors’ card should be issued for the individual.
  • Customs has reorganized that protecting US borders from terrorism requires the close co-operation of importers, foreign manufactures, transportation and distribution service providers.All workers wear their ID card while they work.
  • Pre-screening & background check should be required for Security personnel, cargo, and shipping and receiving employees.
  • Emergency & Thaana’s numbers should be posted on main gate area.
  • A copy of security policy & IT policy should be provided to all employees with acknowledgement sign.
  • All cargo & vehicles should be inspected by 7 point system.
  • Need to keep the record of transport agencies and C&F agencies with drivers name & address and vehicle’s number.          
  • Pre-screen & background check of applicants for all workers specially positions in the packing, shipping & receiving areas and security personnel also.
  • Through these initiatives US customs is asking businesses to ensure the integrity of their security practices .Factory has written security policy.
  • Factory has security policy, procedure include protocols for reporting abnormalities from the factory to local government or enforcement agencies.
  • All employees will receive a security policy & procedures with acknowledgement sign.
  • Need to engage designated qualified personnel who implement the security policy & procedures.
  • Packing areas should be segregated from manufacturing and receiving areas.
  • Access limit to packing, shipping and receiving areas to only assigned and authorized employees.
  • Packing should be supervised by security personnel or factory management.
  • Packed cargo should be segregated in secure area.
  • Inbound & Outbound cargo should be inspected by either security personnel or factory management.
  • Factory will keep all containers both full & empty in a secure area.
  • Empty containers should be inspected for damage and contamination prior to loading.
  • Loading containers should be supervised by security personnel or factory management.
  • Need to maintain a log of seal and containers number for inbound & outbound cargos.
  • Need to maintain a log of abnormalities and discrepancies with seals.
  • Need to investigate, resolve and report to local Govt. all appropriate abnormalities and discrepancies with seals.
  • Factory ensures unidentified & unauthorized individuals are immediately reported to security & removed the individual.
  • Factory will maintain a list for Transport agencies, C&F agencies with drivers’ name & address and vehicles number.
  • All computers will have protected by passwords which are changed periodically and access limited to unauthorized persons.
  • It is US intent to work with their business partners as a team to supply chain security practices.
  • Need to implement & provide a copy to all employees on IT security policy.
  • Facility should have 24 hours SG, 7 days/week – Patrolling the perimeter.
  • Facility should have 6 feet wall and topped by deterrent barbed or razor wire.
  • Facility should have CCTV & Electronics alarming system.
  • Need to monitor staff & guest vehicles, parking area should be separated.
  • Locking devices should have on all outside gates providing access to the packing, shipping & receiving areas.
  • Adequate locking device should have on all windows & entrance doors.
  • Exterior lighting should be installed covering all – All entrances, Cargo storage areas, Parking areas, Shipping & Receiving areas, Packing areas, Perimeter fences.


CTPAT Requirements Need to recover all access keys from terminated/ dismissed employees and retrieve the badge/ ID cards from employees, no later than the date of termination. To communicate these practices to their business partners with in the supply chain. US buyer has signed an agreement with US customs and is committed to assessing and improving supply chain security

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