Commercial Water Filtration Systems

WTP is stand for Water Treatment Plant which is used as water purifier. Commercial water filtration systems is very important for Garments and Textile Industry. In case of textile wet processing water is required for dyeing, printing, finishing etc. At first water is collect from soil or river which contain bi-carbonates, sulphates, chlorides etc is called hard water. Hard water is not applicable directly  for textile and garments industry. Removing the substance of hard water is called soft water. Soft water is used in textile and garments industry.

How to Treat Hard Water :

A flow chart is shown where we can know how to treat hard water in textile industry.

Hard Water Store Tank

Sand Filter

Carbon water filter

Resin Filter

Softner Filter

Soft Water Store Tank

Delivery Pump

Hard Water :

The water which contains bi-carbonates, sulphates, chlorides etc is called Hard Water. The most important characteristics of hard water is reaction with dyestuff.

How to Treat Hard Water
Hard Water Purification Process

When pur water filter  normally  react with dyes then it produced foam quickly but its hardness is present in the water and if dyestuff added in that water drop by drop than at first dyestuff will work to reduce the hardness but no foam will create. After a long time use of dyestuff will create that means hardness reduce dyestuff efficiency.

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