Portable Color Spectrophotometer
Portable Color Spectrophotometer

What is Color Spectrophotometer?

                                                                                                       Characteristic   Tender Specifications
Instrument Type d/8° spectrophotometer
  Spectral Analyser Dual Beam analyser
Able to work between 360-700 nm
Reflectance Yes
Tranmittance Yes
Measuring resolution 2 rm
Spectral Interval 10 nm
Illumination Source Pu se Xenon filtered to D65
Sphere Diameter Minimum 150 nm
Photometric Range 0-200
Inter-instrument agreement CIE AE 0.08
UV cutoff Filters 400 nm, 420 nm, 460 nm
Reflactance Apertures 26mm, 16 mm, 5 mm, 2.5 mm
Transmission Apertures 22 mm
Sample Positioning Adjustable with camera
Display Builtin Color LCD Display
Lens Auto Zoomable
Softwares Data Acquisition System Co or Measurement
Prediction/Matching Database
Conpatible with equipment • All softwares pre- nstalled & upgradable
Accessories All accessories to make and keep the unit operational

Most defects arising in the production process of textiles and apparels are detected by inspectors. In order to promote consistent inspection decision from factory inspector, we recommend our factory to provide adequate inspector training in recognizing fabric and apparel defects and cause.

Under the new concept of Auto  Sportswear Quality Assurance program and partnership with our factories, Definition and Classification of Defects are developed and established as follows: Read more about Non-Contact Portable Spectrometer

Defect Definition:

Critical Defects:  A defect that fails to meet mandatory regulations and/ or affects the safety of the consumer.  Results in automatic rejection of inspection.

Major Defects: Any defect severe enough that it would result in customer dissatisfaction, or generally classify the garment as a second, or of less quality.

Minor Defects: An imperfection that may or may not cause a second, depending upon it’s location in the finished garment.

Apparel Defect Classification

A simplified list of defects, explanation and the judgments are used in classifying apparel defects found in final inspection.

Fabric defects Classification

A fundamental list of defects, explanation and the judgments are used in classifying both woven and knit fabric defects.

Factory Quality Control Manager should offer continuous inspection training with showing written standards, using sample fabric standards / defective garment samples and photograph.

*Note “Sewing Defect Manual” and “Seam Puckering Technical Bulletin” are property of American & Efird Inc.

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