CNC Slotting Machine :

CNC slotting machine computer numerical control machine. It has auto counting system of paper and auto paper feeding system which is used cartoning machine . CNC slotting machine is used in packaging industry for corrugated cutting, line pressing, slotting and corner cutting. There are different types of machine is manufactured e.g. cnc slotting machine , vertical slotting machine, horizontal slotting machine etc. All gears of these machines are lubricated centrally, which makes low noise and stable running. This cartoning machine is made by auto counting system which is optional for control of working speed.

Parts of Slotting Machine:

The parts of vertical slotting machine are listed below with diagram-

vertical slotting machine
Parts of Slotting Machine
  • Counter weight
  • Bull gear
  • Cone pully
  • Link
  • Pawl
  • Feed adjusting screw
  • Bevel gerar
  • Connection road
  • Crank
  • Tool head
  • Cutting tool
  • Cutting tool table
  • Carriage
  • Saddle
  • Bed Ways
  • Drive gear
  • Helical gear
  • Intermediate gear

Functional Specifications

  • This machine could do 1-2 colors printing, slotting, edge-cutting, corner-cutting, creasing, die-cutting, punching etc. on corrugated cardboard at one process.
  • Adopt vacuum adsorption lead-edge feeding cardboard, accurate and reliable. Adopt cross slider transmission. Adopt spouting style cycle lubricate.
  • The electric appliances of a whole machine adopt the excellent product by the domestic produces. Phase adjustment adopts planet gear structure, digital input.
  • All rollers chrome plated, high grade rubber and anilox roller, print elegant pattern.
  • Adopt pneumatic uplift plate, pneumatic lock close, electric equal ink, pneumatic supply ink, electric economy separate and retune, separate and retune pneumatic brakes, photo electricity recorded, etc.
  • (2-color), Slotter & Die-cutter
  • Slotting unit adopt combined electrical of carton box length, width and height.

Specifications of Vertical Slotting Machine :

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name“]

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value“]

Product Category


Machine Category

Carton Slot Machines

Product Name

Vertical slotting machine

Product Model

According to Manufacturer

Product Class





casino slots machine

Agent in Bangladesh



380v, 4KW





Production Capacity


Model(Unit: mm)




Maximum feeding size


Minimum feeding size


Maximum grooving size


Minimum grooving clearance


Grooving blade thickness






Weight (ton)



This kind of machine is used for corrugated cutting, line pressing, slotting. Indispensable device for carton box factory.

More Specification

Max Sheet size1600*2600mm
Min Sheet Size500*600mm
Max Printing Area1600*2400mm
Min Slotting Distance(5-knife) 160*160*160*160mm
Max Slot Depth400mm
Max Die-cutting Size1500*2400mm
Design Speed120pcs/min

Slotting  Machine for Sale:

The slotting machine for sale by different manufacturing company. The features of slots machine is described shortly with a picture-

slotting machine for sale
CNC Slotting Machine
  • The machine should capable for slotting a number of sheets in one stroke.
  • The distance between two slots and slot depth should adjustable which make carton
  • The machine should contains steel knives for long life sharpness & smooth cutting.
  • The knives should operating like scissor for precision and smooth cutting
  • Some company use different types of material  for cartoning machine
  • All moving parts should protected by safety guards.
  • This machine should strong and dependable for accuracy for making cartons.
  • Step by step input raw material  make cartons network in the industry

Automatic Packaging Machines :

The automatic packaging machines are an up to date packaging machine equipped with a film gathering device and a firm drawing device solved many problems that may occur while the conveyor is running.

It can perfectly package even bending thick diameter cloths such as knit and velour as well as general cloths.

A film heating device actuated by the variable speed roller allows uniform clean packaging regardless of the size of diameter.

Only a narrow installation area is required and the control panel is designed to be movable to be movable to increase working efficiency.

Automatic packaging machines works speedy to make carton

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