Carton Making Machine

This carton making machine or carton forming machine or slotting machine adopts PLC touch screen control, the system is reliable, low failure rate, easy operation and easy to use. Can display speed, production quantity, the size of the box cover and the box height size, etc. When change order, only need to input the size of box cover and box height on the touch serene. Production booking volume alarm function. Two  hands run warning function. Make the operation more secure.

Features or Carton Forming Machine 

The advanced negative pressure absorption system is equipped for feeding sheet. Suction volume is adjustable, which makes uneven sheets feed smoothly (2) Slitting, creasing, slotting and flap cutting can be finished in one single passage (3) Creasing accurately  (4)Hole making device is optional. All transmission gear is straight teeth, 45 # quality alloy steel, the quenched and tempered, high frequency quenching, grinding process, hardness HRC45-50. phase gear adopt 40Cr alloy steel, carburizing, nitriding, high frequency quenching, grinding process, tooth part hardness HRC48-55. The drive gear with high intensity, smooth operation, good abrasion resistance, low noise, which can ensure the machine transmission precision. Lubrication adopt enclosed spray type lubricating system, to ensure the transmission accuracy of life.  The whole machine adopts  key connections, ensure that the connection precision and reliability. Clearance adjustment self-locking worm gear box with high precision, and is equipped with three stem disc handle, convenient and quick.

Specification of Carton Forming Machine 1

ModelXxx 1400*2600xxxy1600*2800
Max mechanical speed


(sheets / min)

120 Sheets/Min110 Sheets/Min
Maximum feed size1400*2400mm1600*2600mm
Skip feed size (MM)1600*2600mm1700*2600mm
Minimum feed height350*400mm420*400mm
Maximum slot depth7*350mm7*400mm
Minimum slot opening distance (MM) anti-knife (L * W * L * W)220*65*220*65mm250*70*250*70mm
Minimum slot height7*100mm7*100mm
For Board Thickness0-12mm0-10mm
Main motor power7.5KW7.5KW
Total power14KW16KW
Paper kicking accuracyDegree of bending of the national standards, kicking paper error of plus or minus 1.5MMDegree of bending of the national standards, kicking paper error of plus or minus 1.5MM
Slotted precisionDegree of bending of the national standard, slotted error of plus or minus 2MMDegree of bending of the national standard, slotted error of plus or minus 2MM

Specification of Carton Forming Machine 2

Max machine speed01-100pcs/min
Max feeding size2600x1600mm
Min feeding size650x380mm
Thickness of Feeding Paper3-10mm
Total power14kw
Voltage380V, 50HZ, 3Phase

Specification of Carton Forming Machine  3

Max machine speed150pcs/min
Max production speed120pcs/min
Max feeding size2600x1600mm
Min feeding size650x380mm
Min slotting space260x60x260x60mm
Max slotting depth400mm
Slotting accuracy±1.0mm
Paperboard thickness2-12mm
Total power25kw
Voltage380V, 50HZ, 3Phase

Function Characteristics of carton making machine or carton forming machine machine

Adopts lead edge feeding system. Adjust wind volume according on cardboard bending degree to ensure feeding paper smoothly.

The left and right side baffles adopt electric adjustment, the front baffle space manual adjustment.

Equipped with colors touch screen take 360 degree set to die roller, display product speed and set production quantity.

Main motor use frequency converter adjustment.

Feeding Unit – Function characterstics

Adopts lead edge feeding system. Adjust wind volume according on cardboard bending degree to ensure feeding paper smoothly.

It can send the paperboard continuously or by partition equipped.

It can adjusting feeding paper running ,relieve feeding glue roller’s pressure .

Back support-paper platform manual adjusted.

Slotter unit – Function characterstics

The slotter shaft is hard-chrome plated write finely polished,  which makes long service life and gets no vibration during movement.

Upper and lower knife holder adopts screw shaft with united movement, which kipping the correct position for upper and lower knife and extending the service life of knife.

The transverse movement of each slotting knife holder installs the dual crashproof protection device.

Machine configuration 

Feeder unit : Adopt three axis lead edge feeder with super stretch paper function, easy operation, high precision.

7.5 kw high pressure centrifugal fan, can according to the cardboard warping degree control air volume, ensure feeding smoothly.

The baffle of left and right position adjust by screw ,electric adjustment.

The head board of up and down position adjust by hand independently .

The height of  back paper holder manual adjust, and also can adjust the tilt of the paper holder frame in order to reduce the friction of the cardboard has been sent. Back and forth motion electric control, convenient and quick.

Suction Feed
Suction Feed

Slotter unit : The phase adjustment adopt high precision planetary gear structure.

The phase adjustment and box height adopt PLC touch screen control and 360 degrees electric digital adjustment (adjust when work or stop ).

Single shaft double slot, height of  box adjustment adopt inner gear electrical structure, make the lubricating oil is not easy to pollution cartons. High adjustment with electron collision protection device, will not damage the machin .

Upper creasing roller coated polyurethane, will not damage the board. The upper and downer creasing roller is removable , according to the different paper change the creasing  line pressing knife, stronger adaptability.

The width of slotter is 7mm , adopt  alloy steel material after heat treatment, grinding, sharp blade, long service life.

Carton making machine pricc: Total up to Chittagong Port……………………………………… USD 35,000.00

Manufacturer of Carton making machine or carton forming machine : Qisheng, Shanghai, China