What Does CCTV Stand For

Security cameras -CCTV is stand for close circuit television and CC Camera is stand for close circuit camera mostly developed by ptz and pelco. There are different category of CC camera like cctv 4, cctv 9 etc. Now a days cctv system is mandatory for all garments, printing, washing mill, embroidery and textile industry. CCTV is now buyer requirement in this factory. 

Specifications of Pelco Ptz Camera:

The specification of pelco ptz camera are given below-

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Specifications Name


Specifications Name[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value“]
Specifications Name
Product CategoryCamera
Machine CategoryIP Camera
Product NameLR-NK18S  CC Camera
Product ModelLR-NK18S / LR-NK18S-P
Product ClassNew
Origincctv china
Brand/ManufacturerPelco Ptz
Agent in BangladeshNo
Temperature-10℃ – +55℃
Capacity24 Hours
Sensor1/2.5″ MT9P006 CMOS Sensor:ICR(IR-CUT optional) infrared induction, LDR coordination supported;Color0.01Lux@F1.2,B/W0.001Lux@F1.2;
Video ProcessingH.264 video coding,dual-stream, AVI form; 0.1M-8Mpbs adjustable; 1-30fps adjustable;
Image OutputMain Stream:1920*1080,1280*720;Sub Stream:704*576;
Network Interface1pcs RJ45(10/100M Adaptive); RTSP/FTP/PPPOE/DHCP/DDNS/NTP/UPnP supported;
Lens2.8~12mm 3.0M varifocal Lens
ICRAuto Color to B/W; ICR
IR LED5X36PCS  Max-IR distance 30M
FunctionsWEB setting,OSD,Real-time browsing,Motion detection and IO alarm action(front-end storage),Front-end storage playback/download,IO alarm action(center warning and image popup),MJPEG screenshot,Remote view(client software, MYEYE platform),Complete SDK offerred
ONVIF ProtocolSupported
Mobile surveillanceSupport iPhone,Windows Mobile,BlackBerry,Symbian,Android
GB28181 ProtocolNot supported
Audio InterfaceNot supported
Audio ProcessingNot supported
PTZ InterfaceNot supported
Alarm InputNot supported
Alarm OutputNot supported
SD CardNot supported
WIFINot supported
POENot supported
ConsumptionLED off: 3W  / LED on: 6W
DescriptionThere are different types of cctv cameras found in market
pelco ptz
CC Camera System

Policy for Different Types of CCTV Cameras: 

Policy: CCTV is a very important surveillance device which can help boost factory security to a great extent. All the security sensitive area will be covered by CCTV.CCTV helps the factory in finding out incidents which occurred earlier by means of playing back its recordings. The factory security department will be responsible for different types of cctv cameras and the security manager particularly responsible for the functioning of the CCTV.

Locations: CCTV will be placed in all the security sensitive areas. Especially finishing and packing section along with the vehicle loading/unloading will be covered by CCTV. In addition the perimeter fencing will also come under video surveillance to track down any illegal trespassing.

Monitor: The CCTV must be monitored closely. The monitor must be placed under the jurisdiction of the security manager. In case the manager is out somewhere; he will depute somebody else from his own department to monitor the CCTV.

Recording: CCTV recording must be done and kept for a period of 45 days. The hard disk of the nominated CPU for CCTV must have adequate space to record for the mentioned duration. Retention of the recordings of the time beyond 45 days is not necessary.

Camera Angle: The camera angle should be installed in such a way so that there is no obstruction of view by any tree or any other structure. The camera must have the ability to scan around to gather maximum evidence of any incident, should it over happen.

Maintenance: The camera must be periodically maintained so as ensure its function ability. The desorption of its maintenance must be documented in a register. The maintenance document must be reviewed the different types of cctv cameras by the factory periodically.

CCTV is such an element through which the movement of the employees can be controlled. In order to ensure security at garments industry its importance is unbounded. With a view to ensuring the security of the organization auto designers limited authorities should installed CCTV Camera to monitor the facility and prevent unauthorized access to cargo handling, finished goods and storage areas.

The authority shall follow the following policy for CCTV:

  1. CCTV Camera should be installed at (a) Main Exit, (b) Loading unloading point (c) Packing areas & (d) Finished goods warehouse.
  2. 24 hours & 7 days should be functional.
  3. The Monitor of CCTV Camera has been installed in such place where entrance of common people is restricted.
  4. The Security in charge check up all the camera everyday 3/4 times through the Monitor to observe whether all the cameras are working well and then write down in the register.
  5. The important part from the recorded part by CCTV Camera is preserved for 45 days and the security officer check up the recorded part.
  6. All cameras are checked up well once in a month and each camera is cleaned.
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