What is a Plotter

A plotter or graph plotter of computer aided design is a printer that interprets instruction from a computer to make 3d and 2d designon on paper with one or more automated pens or cartidge. CAD CAM graph plotter is not like a regular printer, the graph plotter can draw continuous point-to-point lines directly from vector graphics files or commands. The graph plotter are much more expensive than printers.  The graph plotter is most frequently used for Computer aided Engineering of applications, such as CAD – Computer Aided Design software , and CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing. Plotter or graph plotter  is a special device that draws pictures on paper based on instruction from a computer.[2]

List of CAD CAM Machine:

What is a Plotter used for cad cam?

Plotter is graph plotter of cad cam technology run by graphtec technology is used in garment industry. Using different colored pens or cartidge  it was also able to print in color long before ink jet printers became an alternative. Pen plotters are still the most affordable for graphtec device  for CAD  – computer aided design use to offer resolution unlike any other printer. The lines are not made up of many dots. They are actually drawn  providing infinite resolution. See drum plotter, flat bed plotter, electrostatic plotter and ink jet printer.[2]

Difference between a Plotter and a Printer :

Plotters or graph plotter differ from printers in that they draw lines using a pen or cartidge. As a result, they can make continuous lines, whereas printers can only simulate lines by printing a closely spaced series of dots. Multicolor plotters use different colored pens or cartidge to draw different colors. Plotters use pens ink cartridge or toners, and therefore can only be used in the purpose of printing line art, not dynamically colored graphics. 4 head plotter use 4 cartidge, 2 head plotter use 2 cartidge  and 6 head plottre requir 6 cartidge  [2]

Types of Plotters of cad cam.

  1. Drum Plotter
  2. Flat-Bed Plotter
  3. Pen plotter
  4. In kjet Plotter[2]
  5. HP Plotter A0 Safety Instructions Maintenance and Service

Drum Plotter:

A drum plotter is called pen plotter use for cad – computer aided design printing  that wraps the paper around a drum with a pin feed attachment. The drum then rotates the paper as pens move across it and draw the graphics and this machine does not use cartidge. This type of graph plotter is the output device used to print graphics and large engineering drawings worldwide. There are two types of drum plotters, one is  external and another one is  internal.[2]

Flat Bed Plotter:

A flat bed graph plotter is a mechanical systerm device used with many CAD  CAM software for designers.  This plotter may use several colors of pens or cartidge to create the graphics line using graphtec technology. The size of the graphic is limited to the size of the flat bed plotte’s surface.[2]

Ink jet Plotter:

The ink jet graph plotter create an image by spraying ink onto a piece of paper. A popular choice for advertising agencies and graphic designers ink jet plotters are used generally for marker and pattern in cad -computer aided design and large signs often seen on roadsides for cad cam.  Thermal ink jet plotters generally use heat to apply droplets of ink, while piezoelectric plotters use charged crystals of  ink. Ink jet  graph plotter use to produce better quality graphics than other.[2]

Plotter for CAD computer aided design
Inkjet Plotter

Specifications of Standard Ink jet Plotter:

When we will buy Ink jet Plotter for computer aided design printing we should check some specifications which are given below- [1]

[label type=”label” title=”Attribute Name“]

[label type=”label” title=”Value“]

Product CategoryCAD
Machine CategoryPloter
Product NameInk jet Graph Plotter
Product ModeliEcho
Product ClassNew
Originmade in china
Agent of BangladeshYes
CertificationFOB, CFR, EXW, CIF
Production Capacity30 Sets Per Day
Printing / Plotting Width30″ and 34″
Max Resolution180*185dpi
ConnectionUSB Interface for CAD plotter
Files Compatible.Iso, Hpgl, Hpgl2, Astm, Aama, Dxf for CAD Plotter
Number of Head2
Head OneCartidge 45
Head TwoCartidge 45
DescriptionInk plotter-Garment CAD CAM, Garment cadd Economy Inkjet Plotter ink plotter Printing speed can reach 70 m2/hour when resolution is 180*185dpi, and the speed is not influenced by density/shape/size/explanation/Qty.
[1] Kh. Mashiur Rahman, Garments Automachine Technologist, www.autogarment.com
[2] S.M. Bappy Rana, B.Sc in Textile Engineering, Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT),