Lectra  Modaris V7R2

Before installation this software FLEXlm licenses manager is mandatory to complete the installation. If we install lectra modaris V7R2 some necessary modaris lectra software will install at a time. Other necessary lectra softwares are Modaris V7R2 and Documentation, Modaservice V7R2, ButtonBox V1.1, Digitizer V2.1 and JustPrint V2R2. Close all application before install lectra pattern making software. Hardware requirements : CPU- Intel dual core > 2.2 GHz for Modaris Classic ( 2D ) and Intel core I7 quad for Modaris Expert 3D, RAM- 4 GB for Modaris Classic ( 2D ) and 8GB minimum for Modaris Expert 3D, Graphic card-ATI or NVIDIA recent cards with recent OpenGL version for Modaris Expert 3D, HDD- 3 GB for installation of the application and components and OS- Windows 7 (Sp1). After installing Lectra Modaris you can Install Lectra Diamino V6R1 marker making software.

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Installation Procedure with Video:

Modaris V7R2 Pattern Drafting Installation Procedure:

  1. First click Start
  2. Then select English
  3. Then click Modaris Installation You can download Modaris Installation exe from internet.
  4. Or open and click Package Folder then click exe file ModarisV7R2
  5. Then click Install
  6. After installing necessary file click Next
Click Next Button
  • Then select I accept the terms of the license agreement
  • Then click Next
  • Then a window appears offering to install your license. If the license files are in a different folder install it later.
  • Then click Next
  • Then select Typical / Custom and click Next
  • modaris lectra
    Select Software Module
  • Then click Install
  • Then click Finish
  • Then open Install license
  • Run lectra pattern and other applications and enjoy.
  • Finally if you face any problem to install the software please contact us. We will help you. Email: autogarments@gmail.com, Cell# +8801792525354
  • Initial Configuration of Modaris:

    If you defined a specific configuration for the following parameters in the previous Modaris installation, you will need to define it again after installation, using the appropriate functions of the Modaris interface:

    • the Menu configuration if the display is in text mode and not icon mode.

    If you defined another configuration following certain procedures in the previous version of Modaris, you should apply the same procedures to adjust the configuration of Modaris V7R2, or you should contact your call center to ask for assistance with defining your Modaris configuration.

    Uninstalling a previous version of Modaris :

    It is not recommended to have Modaris V7R2 and the previous version of Modaris together on the same workstation. When configuration is complete and Modaris V7R2 is operating correctly, uninstall the previous version of Modaris.

    • Open a Windows session with an Administrator account or a user account with administrator rights.
    • Depending on how your workstation is configured, go to: “Start->Control Panel” or “Start->Settings->Control Panel”
    • In Vista and 7, select “Programs – Uninstall program”
    • In XP, select “Add/Remove programs”
    • In the list of Currently Installed Programs, select the previous version of Modaris, click on “Change/Remove” and follow the instructions.

    Other Supported Operating Systems :

    • Windows 7 Enterprise 64 & 32 bits (SP1)
    • Windows 7 Professional 64 & 32 bits (SP1)
    • Windows Vista Enterprise 64 & 32 bits (SP3)
    • Windows Vista Professional 64 & 32 bits (SP3)
    • Windows XP Professional 32 bit (SP3) (2D only, not recommended for 3D use due to performances and instability)
    • MAC OS-X 10.5+ (Snow Leopard, OS-X Lion) with Virtual Environment Fusion version 4.0.2, Parallels Desktop V7 in case of heavy client modules. Windows 7 64 bits is a pre-requisite (see in SIB 5.4 chapter “Consideration for Mac use”
    • For combinations of 32-bit Windows operating systems (EXCEPT XP) with 3 GB of memory or above the accessible memory may be reduced to 3 GB or less (depending on system configuration).
    • Limited Windows® XP support. Microsoft discontinued Windows® XP certification on system level, basic drivers are often provided by the hardware manufacturer; refer to the manufacturer for specific recommendations.

    You can compare this with your computer hardware characteristics, which you will find in this window:

    • Depending on how your workstation is configured, go to: “Start->Control Panel”
    • or “Start->Settings->Control Panel”
    • in Vista, 7, select “System and Maintenance”
    • Launch “System”


    If you did not install the license files when installing Modaris and its components, you must install them on your workstation when you receive them. To do this, click on the “Install license files” button below and follow the procedure.

    • Select “Yes” or “Run” whenever you are asked for confirmation.
    • Select “Browse” to select the folder containing the license files,
    • Then click on “Copy Files“.
    • A message tells you how many license files were found in the folder and copied.
    • Click on “OK“.

    Configuring Lectra Workstations:

    The other Lectra workstations on which you use a Lectra application other than modaris lectra software must be updated with the latest versions of Modaservice and XChang. Lectra fashion designing software is very much essential for workstations. Procedure for other Lectra workstations for pattern drafting is as follows:

    1. Exit all running applications for installing lectra software
    2. Open a Windows session with an Administrator account or a user account with administrator rights.
    3. Insert the CD for installing lectra modaris
    4. Click on the “Update” button below
    5. Select “Open” or “Run” in the next window.
    6. Select “Run” or “Continue” in the next window.
    7. Click on “Next” or “Install” in each window.


    Lectra is best fashion designing software for solid works. Lectra modaris download is easy for the customers. Lectra modaris download is possible by authorized user of lectra.

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