What is Box Compression Testing Machine
What is Box Compression Testing Machine

What is Box Compression Testing Machine

Box Compression Testing Machine Features:

  1. After crushed cardboard for Box Compression Testing Machine , automatic shutdown and return to the initial position;
  2. Automatic one-touch operation, just press the test
    button can be 1;Can be set value, timing, stacking and other
    carton-specific test functions; 4 using circular ball screw, make the operation more stable and accurate;
  3. Can store 20 sets of data, automatically calculate the average and maximum value;
  4. With thermal printer, can print test results;
  5. Third-generation upgrade controller, the user can adjust the calibration value;
  6. Large LCD screen. Technical Parameters:
  7. Strength units: N, kN, kgf, gf, lbf
  8. Strength units: Pa, kPa, MPa, kgf / cm2, lbf / in2
  9. Measuring range: 1 T
  10. Indication error: ± 1%
  11. Resolution: 0.1 N
  12. Test speed: 10 mm / min
  13. Return speed: 130 mm / min
  14. Upper and lower platen parallelism: <2mm
  15. Platen area: 0.6 * 0.6 m / 0.8 * 0.8 m / 1.0 * 1.0 m, 1.2 * 1.2 m (can be customized)

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For comparability reasons make sure to use the same time-period (e.g. one fiscal year) for all processes. In case you do not have the information and/or cannot collect it, try to fill out the table based on estimates. In this case, mention in the comments line that the figures are estimates. To benchmark your performance and see your improvements, use an “energy consumption per unit” ratio. The “unit” should be the unit of production that is most useful for you. Examples could be “kg or m2 of product” or “1 000 units of product”. (e.g. my company needs X MJ of energy

1.         Fuzing Press                            1 Set                US$     4,525.00

2.         Blind stitch                              1 Set                US$        475.00

3.         Ribbon Cutting M/C               1 Set                US$     4,350.00

4.         Cloth inspection M/C              1 Set                US$   10,063.00

5.         Thread Sucking M/C              4 Set                US$     4,190.00

6.         Straping M/C                          2 Set                US$     2,098.00

7.         Bar Tacking M/C                    3 Set                US$     7,980.00

8.         Two Needle                            1 Set                US$        800.00

9.         Two Needle Chain Stitch        1 Set                US$        550.00

10.       Single Needle Stitch               3 Set                US$     1,200.00

11.       Feed off the Arm                     6 Set                US$     1,800.00

12.       Two Needle Flat Bed              2 Set                US$     3,920.00

13.       Bottom Cutting M/C               1 Set                US$     1,000.00

14.       Collar forming M/C                1 Set                US$     1,000.00

15.       Neck Press M/C                      1 Set                US$     1,010.00

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