What is Blister Sealing Machine? Trims Transportation

What is Blister Sealing Machine? Trims Transportation

Depending on the savings on Blister Sealing Machine material, raw material consumption and waste generation are also reduced. In addition, a large amount of energy can be saved due to the transport of (less/lighter) packaging. Applicable to every company that purchases or sells packaged raw materials or products. An efficient packaging is also a cheaper one. If you can cut back on handling within your company, then you can also reduce your costs. This is also the case for the supplier.

  • Fully Automatic, Plate type, Variable speed, consists of
  • -Forming material supplying device
  • -Pre-heating and forming station
  • -Feeding station, Universal Feeder
  • -Lid foil supplying device
  • -Sealing and batch coding station
  • -Cooling unit with pump
  • -Draw off station
  • -Slitting or perforation station
  • -waste foil winding device
  • -PLC control and display of Bottom Sealing Machine status
  • Foil                  : Forming-PVC,PVDC Coated PVC, Alu, PE laminated PVC etc
  • Thickness        ;0.20mm—0,40mm
  • Reel Dia          :Max.500mm
  • Core dia          :70/76mm
  • Lid                  :Heat sealing lacquered Aluminium Foil
  • Blister Sealing Machine Thickness        ;0.02mm
  • Reel Dia          :Max.300mm
  • Core Dia          :70/76mm
  • Capacity          ;About 50 Stoke/min
  • Foil width       :About 245-250mm(max)
  • Foil Advance  :About 125mm(max)
  • Forming Area  :About 240x123mm
  • Forming Depth           :18mm and 35mm for combipack of Vial+Ampoule with special device
  • MOC-SS Contact Parts, Non contact Parts-Powder coated steel
  • 01 complete set of Tools for PVC-ALU
  • Blister Sealing Machine Optional
  • Registration Mark
  • Channel feeder
  • SS exterior
  • Alu-Alu device
  • 01 complete set of Tools for ALU-ALU blisterpack
  • Power Rating              ;400V,3ph,50hz

Packaging used for transportation

The way products are packaged is often based on habits and not on analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, regarding both the quality and the environmental aspects. Considerations about packaging can result in savings on: fuel consumption, costs of packaging material and production of packaging material. Packaging of individual products and packaging used for transportation are two types, when supplying goods to clients. In addition, there is also the packaging on purchased goods from suppliers. Often, personnel spend a lot of time to remove packaging. Furthermore, the transport of packaging materails also costs money. Possibilities to consider in order to optimise packaging regarding transports are:
Reduction in material use:
• Avoid unnecessary packaging material, so that the load has less weight.
• Try to use less packaging material, for example via bulk packaging or refill packaging instead of packaging by piece. This reduces the weight of the load.
• Utilize multiple-use packaging, such as return crates, pallets and bottom sheets, so that different companies can easily exchange the packaging materials. Furthermore, ensure that the packaging material itself has to cover a shorter distance to reach its destination.

Reduction in volume:
• Work with standardised sizes, especially when you are able to combine transports.
• Use nestable packaging so they can be telescoped (packed inside of each other).
• Use collapsible packaging, especially when return packaging is used. Crates and pallets take far less space when they are returned incollapsed or folded form.
• Make sure that the packaging is strong enough to pile them during their transport and storage.

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