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Best Fashion Websites News, Blog, Journal and Magazine:

All best fashion websites, news website, blog website, journal websites and magazine websites are listed here. You can visit this page regularly. We update this page every times according to reader requirements. You can send me your desired website list related to garments news, textile news or any other apparel news. You can send your desired website list by comments below-

 Website List 


Clothesource  Textile and cloth related
Cottonbangladesh  Textile and cotton related
Definetextile  Textile related websites
Fabric  Textile and fabric websites
Just Style  Fashion Blog
Knittinghelp  Textile related websites
Knittingindustry  Textile related websites
Mytextilenotes  Textile related websites
Nancysnotions  Textile related websites
Online Clothing Study  Textile and garments related websites
Texi  Textile related websites
Textile Indian  Textile related websites
ptj  Textile magazine
Textilefashionstudy   Textile magazine
Textileschool   Textile magazine  and news
btj   Textile Websites
Vasantkothari  Textile Websites
Textiletestingequipment  Textile Websites
 Textile Help Line  Textile Websites
 Apparel  Textile Websites
 Apparel-merchandising  Merchandising websites
 Apparelbangladesh24  Garments Websites
 Textilelearner Blogspot  Garments Websites
 Stitchworld  Embroidery Websites
 Sewdaily  Garments Websites
 Garmentsmerchandiser  Merchandising websites
 Garmentbangladesh  Garments Websites
 Betterwork  Garments Websites
 Denimsandjeans  Garments Websites
 Craftsy Blog  Garments and Textile Blog

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