Pro & Free Slider Revolution Tutorial for WordPress

Pro & Free Slider Revolution Tutorial for WordPress

Slider Revolution Tutorial

Slider Revolution Tutorial – At first download slider revolution plugin from website. Then install it form dashboard. Then setting the required configuration.

Slider Revolution Setting

  • General Setting

Example of Image Size

  • If Slider is placed inside a boxed container within your site, and the Slider’s width should not increases larger than 1200px
  • 1400 pixels in width by 480 pixels in height recommended for perfect size for the slider
  • 1200px width and 500-800px height is an optimal perfect size for a slider
  • 2650×1900 image or 1024×768 so you can easily manage your layers
  • For height set your sliders “Layers Grid Size” to equal the exact size of your images original size
  • Image Width = Slider Width Image Height = Grid Height * (Slider Width / Grid Width)

How to Customize Image

  • Fit slider image on full screen. Slider revolution image full size is 1920 x 1080 pixel
  • At first open Photoshop CS6 >> Click on File >> Click on New >> Set Width 1920 pixel >> Set Height 1080 pixel >> Set Resolution 300 >>Click on OK
  • Again Click on File >> Click on Open>> Select Image >> Click OK >> You can see 2 Tab on Screen. One is balnk 1920 x 1080 pixel and another one image just you have open >> Drag second tab to below >> Now click on Move tools icon from toolbar to drag image to blank box. >> Now image will fit into blank box without changing resolution >> To change resolution hit CTRL – button from keyboard >> Now hit CTRL + keyboard button at a time to view original images dot line box. >> Now stress the dot line outside of image to image edge >> Click Enter >> File this image as JPG / PNG format

How to Add Image on Slider

Login your wordpress site >> click on Slider Revolution >> Select Module and click on Editor icon >> Add slide by clicking on Slide icon >> Hit Ctrl – keyboard button to view full edge >> Add image by clicking on Add Layer icon >> A default image icon will inputted in box. >> Double click on image icon to upload a image >> Fit the image inside the slider box >> Save

How to Remove white space under revolution slider

Please add this code in custom.css file:

.page-heading-slider .wpb_revslider_element {
margin-bottom: -250px !important;

Module General Option Setting

Title Icon:

  • At first click Gear/setting icon. Then set title. E.g. Main Slider
  • Full Slider Image Size:
  • 9000 x 6600 Pixel

Layout Icon:

  • You change type here e.g. slider, scne, carousel .
  • You change sizing here e.g. auto, full-width, fullscreen.

Default Icon:

  • Change slider duration
  • General Setting
  • Stop on Hover : On
  • Spinner Icon
  • Set Spinner to 5/6/7/8 etc
  • Set Spinner color to red/white/blue etc
  • Progress Icon
  • Progress bar : on
  • Progress bar Position: top/bottom,
  • Height: 1
  • Arrow
  • Arrow Type : On
  • Arrow Style: Change Value to Uranus
  • Navigation Style – On and Change value
  • Height: 40
  • Font Size: 20
  • Width: 40
  • Background Icon
  • Source Image -> Media Library
  • Add Layer
  • Add Shap

General Icon:

On Scroll Icon

Spinner Icon

Addon Icon

Advance Icon

CSS/Query Icon

As Modal Icon

Skin Icon


Database Experiment 1

  • WordPress Database Size: 340 Mb
  • Microsoft word file size: 2.10Mb
  • Microsoft Word : 2,52170 Words
  • After Posting Database Size: 360Mb
  • So 10Mb Database Size = 126000 Words
  • So 10Mb Database Size = 1.05 Mb doc file size


Database and Folder Experiment 2

  • WordPress Database Size Before : 424.38 Mb
  • Microsoft Word : 3,32170 Words
  • After Posting Database Size: 476Mb
  • So 15Mb Database Size = 1,00,000 Words
  • Zip Folder Size Before =593.45 Mb
  • Zip Folder Size After=603 Mb
  • Database and Folder Experiment 3
  • WordPress Database Size Before : 507 Mb
  • Microsoft Word : 3,82170 Words
  • After Posting Database Size: 639 Mb
  • So 15Mb Database Size = 1,00,000 Words
  • Zip Folder Size Before =593.45 Mb
  • Zip Folder Size After= 596 Mb

Database and Folder Experiment 4

  • After Muatta Malik Database size= 685mb
  • Database and Folder Experiment 5
  • After Miskat Sharif Database Size 710Mb

Role Management

By default Slider Revolution enabled only for Admin Role. To add permission Editor and Author you need to go Dashboard >> Global Setting >> Permission >> To Editor Admin. So Shop Manger can also work now

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