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Tubeless Lab Dispenser. Benefits of Laboratory Dispenser

Tubeless Lab Dispenser. Benefits of Laboratory Dispenser

Tubeless Lab Dispenser

Tubeless lab dispenser is a special device for repeatedly delivering small fixed amount of liquid e.g. naturally between 1 ml and 50 ml. This equipment is used in textile dyeing and printing laboratory. The main advantage of tubeless lab dispenser, it direct dispensing from the dye stuffs. It makes accurate dispensing, It makes hassle free dispensing, It has no choking problem, There is no cross contamination, there is no scaling problem in tubeless dispenser.

Benefits of Laboratory Dispenser:

The benifit of laboratory dispenser is given here –

laboratory dispenser
Laboratory Dispenser Panel
  • Tubeless Laboratory Dispenser is faster dispensing (22 recipes in under 15 minutes), gives two times or more output than any other robotic system with similar numbers of solution
  • All gravimetric design for dye solutions, chemical and water dispensing system
  • Unique and accurate direct dispensing design
  • User friendly and stable software for smooth operation in the machine
  • Portable with Mcs CCM, datacolor color matching and all other reputed color matching software.
  • Laboratory dispenser is designed for continuous operation without maintenance downtime

Features of Laboratory Liquid Dispenser:

The features of a laboratory liquid dispenser is given here –

  • Modular design of laboratory liquid dispenser gives flexibility of operation
  • Laboratory liquid dispenser have high precision servo motor runs 3 solution tables with 3 scales
  • Conveyor dye pot carrier (22 dyepots)
  • Intelligent agitation module
  • Indivisual PLC for each turntable
  • It is compatible with different operating system like , Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.

Specifications of Laboratory Dispenser:

Specifications Name Specifications Value
Product Category LAB
Machine Category Dispenser
Product Name Tubeless laboratory dispenser
Product Model MDS115IU
Product Class New
Origin Made in China
Brand/ Manufacturer Ming Scape International Company Limited.
Agent in Bangladesh No/Yes
Power AC 220V – single phase
Temperature Normal
Certification SGS/Others
Production Capacity NA
Dyestuff 108
Chemical 6
Water tube 2
AUX. Auto refill V
Max. one batch 22
Dimension W3400*D1230*H1250
Software Laboratory dispenser supports Windows 98 / Windows XP/ Windows VISTA
MingScape International Co., Ltd. , Tel: + 886-2-86423648, Fax: + 886-2-26496153, Address: 9, Lane 292,Sec 1,Ta-Tung Road, Hsih-Chih,Taipei Shiang,Taiwan, E-Mail: service@mingscape.com.tw,  msi2929@ms45.hinet.net

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