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What is Foamboard Printing? How BF-200 Works?

Foamboard Printing How BF-200 Work

Bf-200 Printing on Foam Board The product is also called puff-print paste or foamboard printing and are clarified according to different foam multiplier, BF-200 is low multiplier foam. BF-200 is low multiplier foam, could be foam with temperature of  80-120℃. It is used for screen printing environment. BF-200 is washing resistance type, specially designed for burning flower printing. Mix a little water or harder to lower down the viscosity. But please use higher viscosity to print, thus printing materials is […]

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An Overview of Multicolor Screen Print Machine

Multicolor Screen Print Machine prints with Custom Ink

Multicolor Screen Printing Machine: multicolor screen print machine is printing techniques in which multicolor ink is applied directly to the surface to be printed on garments. Screen prints unit with pneumatic controller can be assembled with an adjustable vacuum sucking to effectively improve the positioning precision for screen printing process. This multicolor screen printing machine have 1-8 color rotating high speed printers. Screen prints can print various patterns with printing techniques at the high speed and print fabrics, bands, paper bands, and […]

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List of Fashion, Auto Machine, Garment and Textile Machine

List of Fashion, Garment and Textile Machine

Textiles Equipment list : Textiles equipment, Fashion machine, garment machinery, All sewing machine brands, weaving loom, textile machine, extractor machine, dyeing machine, knitting machines, sewing machine, barcode machine, yarn tester, spectroscope machine, compactor machine, wrappers, lab dryer, hopper bale opener, looms (rapier), looms (air jet), looms (water jet), looms (projectile), auto machine, looms for terry and towels is listed here. Category of Apparel and Textile Machine: Chose any textile machine from below list. Laboratory: Yarn Tester Fabric Tester Bursting Strength Tester Laboratory Dyeing Machine Mini Stenter Lab […]

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