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What is Label Ironing Machine? Iron on Labels for Clothing.

Label Ironing Machine To Iron On Labels:

Label ironing machine is used to iron on labels or iron on transfer paper in label industry. The label ironing machine to iron on labels is equipped with best top-level AC motor ; SCHHEIDER inverter, torque at extra little speed and accuracy of speed, high flexibility of magnetic flux vector control. Synchronous motor control under open loop mode not only develops static speed accuracy it also saves electricity charge.

Feature of Iron on Name Labels Machine:

  • Iron on name labels machine is assembled with seamless steel pipe as well as hard chromium plating with benefits of dust free favorable heating transfer
  • Iron on name labels machine is assembled with imported high class heating pipe & the electronic thermostatic control panel with characteristics of fast temperature rise as well as temperature constancy
  • Iron on stickers label machine could be used after 10 minutes of electrifying by means of electric heating, it is suitable to operate and it need not additional raw materials
  • Iron on stickers label machine is equipped with multi tape mode and it is capable to process 6 labels tapes those are different in width at the same time, processing speed for one tape is 10-20m/min
  • Iron on name tags machine is adopted of always variable transmission box that enables it to regulate the speed as well as quality freely
  • Iron on name tags machine is adopting of precise electronic auto control that enables it to regulate the temperature smoothly as well as save sufficient electric energy.
iron on labels iron on name labels
Iron on Labels


Specification of the m/c to Iron On Labels for Clothing:

Specifications of the iron label machine to iron on labels for clothing is given below

Specifications Name Specifications Value
Product Category Finishing
Machine Category Electric Heating
Product Name Label Ironing Finish Machine
Product Model According to Manufacturer
Product Class New
Origin Made in China
Brand/ Manufacturer Name of Manufacturer
Agent in Bangladesh No/Yes
Power 380v, 4KW
Temperature Normal
Certification SGS/Others
Production Capacity NA
Dia. of roller 350mm
Form of heat loss enclosed
Dimension H*L*W 750X600X550 mm
Dimension H*L*W Output 1100X650X560 mm
Zhejiang Yueqing Lu Wei Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Tell# 05776227177, 62275227

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