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What is Grinding Machine How Pen Grinding Machine Works1
What is Grinding Machine

What is Grinding Machine? How Pen Grinding Machine Works?

What is Grinding Machine

Grinding machine is used for grinding of garments edges. This has two wheel .This wheels are moving very high speed by an electric motors. This garments edges are contract with the wheels and making slig. Grinding Machine is washing process by which we will get the used effect of garments. This process is completely done at edge area


Destroy is a process which is done by pen grinding machine. First we have to mark the garments then slightly attach this machine with the garments then slowly remove the cellulose. After wash we can get a good destroy look of garments.

Grinding Machine
Grinding Machine


An initial investment of US $ 2 million has equipped our finishing and laundry facilities with the best technology in process control, dyeing and color kitchen and the best washing machines currently available, plus a finishing unit with techniques such as scraping; brushing; grinding; sand blasting and spray booths; and laser patterning and finishing. We also have a joint venture with a specialist European development industry to ensure that our chemicals, equipment and processes are leading edge at all times. Investment in state-of-the-art equipment is just one part of our customer orientation. It is our people that make the difference. Our young and energetic team boasts the best technical

talent in the industry, who work together with worldwide exports in design and technology to ensure that we endeavor to consistently deliver the quality and value expectations of the most discerning customers. There are several ways in which tearing can be done. The machines available for bringing out the effects are grinding machine and pumice stone machine. With help of these machines effects the desired effects are achieved. These machines are user friendly and take very little time to produce the effect.

Pen grinding

This machine are used for destroy the garments. This machine are operated by electric signals. One stone is attached with this machine at front. When this stone is moving with high speed that it will with pacific area of garments and garments will damage at desire area.

Grinding Machine? How Pen Grinding Machine Works
Grinding Machine

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