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What is Company First Aid Policy and Procedure?

What is First Aid Box? Factory Group Insurance Process

First Aid Box

Each floor has been provided with 01 first aid box (authorization 150 workers = 1 box) equipped with the following prescribed contents under the supervision of a trained person in-charge having specific badge & dress. First Aid Box Item:

  1. One copy first aid leaflet / note book.
  2. Triangle bandages 10 PCs.
  3. One bottle Dettol / Savlon (as antiseptic).
  4. Cotton wool one packet.
  5. Dressing Gauge 6 PCs.
  6. Roller bandages (2 big 2 small).
  7. Plaster bandages 10 PCs.
  8. Burnol / Antiseptic Ointment 1 PC.
  9. Oral Saline 10 PCs.
  10. Small scissors 1 PC.
  11. First aid medicine like Paracetamol. Disprin, Antacid, Nospa / Butapen etc.

First Aid Room

Company is having fully Air-conditioned First aid room /Treatment room where emergency patients are treated by Lady physician and nursing staff. In case of severe case the patients are refereed Marie Stopes Clinic for necessary treatment.



We always keep the factory neat & clean. Dirt & refuges are cleared off constantly by fixed floor cleaner sweeping the floor with vacuum cleaner and broom, staircase, passages, toilets & Dinning hall with 10 cleaners. Effective arrangement is there to dispose off the waste effluents to the near by dustbin.

Ventilation & Temperature

Adequate ventilation system is exists in our factory, which keeps the temperature comfortable for the workers. Beside this all working floors are equipped with sufficient ceiling fans, which keeps the working floor temperature cool and comfortable.

Working Space

As per rule though each workers is authorized with 350 cubic feet (14’x5’x5) working space, we have almost the same working space for each workers.


Sufficient lighting arrangement are there with proper lighting shade fixed along with overhead channel.

Drinking Water

All production floors are equipped with easy access to filtered cold water fountains for drinking purpose.


Factory having well maintained and properly cleaned 21 latrines. (Ground 1, 1st floor-3, 2nd floor-5,

3rd floor-4, 4th floor-4, 5th floor-4)

For male workers   –  3 (for 25 = 1)

For female workers – 18 (for 25 = 1)


Sufficient number of spittoon are provided inside the factory and placed in convenient location. No persons are allowed to spite within the factory premises.

Group Insurance

Company does not have Group Insurance Policies with Insurance Company but company is committed to pay / render same facilities to the employees that could be given by Insurance Company for their casualties / losses during work hours such as:

DEATHTK. 50,000/=
TWO HANDSTK. 50,000/=
TWO LEGSTK. 50,000/=
TWO EYESTK. 50,000/=
ONE HAND & ONE LEGTK. 50,000/=
ONE HAND & ONE EYETK. 50,000/=
ONE LEG & ONE EYETK. 25,000/=
ONE HANDTK. 25,000/=
ONE LEGTK. 25,000/=
ONE EYETK. 25,000/=



  1. In efficient.
  2. Misconduct.
  3. a) Willful insubordination / Disobedience of command / Rule.
  4. b) Dishonesty / Corrupt
  5. c) Habitual late attendance
  6. d) Absenteeism
  7. e) Negligence of work
  8. f) Smoking within factory premises
  9. g) Habitual in-discipline
  10. h) Giving false information especially regarding – age, education, previous serving

experience etc. Sabotage Activities / Causing damage to factory

  1. Malingering
  2. Not using uniform / protective equipment’s while on duty
  3. Theft of company’s property.
  4. Disclosures of factories secrets.


  1. Warning (Written or verbal)
  2. Stoppage of increment, promotion – for inefficiency irregular attendance

And misconduct.

  1. Forfeiture of pay / wages – causing loss to the company for negligence

Of policy.

  1. Three months imprisonment for disclosure of factory’s secret.
  2. Suspension from duty.
  3. Reduction in rank for in-efficiency.
  4. Dismissal – Termination of service for misconduct.
  5. Discharge – Termination of service for ill health, physical & mental

Incapacity – not amounting to misconduct.



  1. Worker / Employee willing to resign must give written notice to authority at least 14 days before – failing which 14 days wages / salary will be deducted from his / her separation dues.
  2. If any person wants to leave the job on medical ground, he / she has to submit the medical unfit certificate to the authority. For medical case 14 days prior notice is not required.
  3. The separated employee will take necessary clearance from the factory after depositing all equipment’s like dress, tape, cutter, bobbin etc.


As a social welfare activity company does not sell all it’s wastage’s like Fabric cut outs, used or old cartons, used tube light etc. These are all given every month to local Orphanage as charity, which they sell and use it for orphanage expenditure purpose.

As majority of workers are Female. Company has planned to introduce Crèche for Nursing Mother by end of year 2000 where the Nursing mother can feed their infants and this Crèche will be looked up by trained maid with fully equipped Nursery.

Company has planned to introduce Free medical check ups for the Children of the local Orphanage once a month with free medication.

Company has planned to introduce Non profitable cooperative grocery shop for it’s worker by the end of year 2000.

Introduction of workers suggestion box, where workers can give their suggestions or could explain their grievances.


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