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Boiler Periodic Inspection
Boiler Periodic Inspection Procedure

Boiler Periodic Inspection Procedure

Boiler Inspection Procedure

Period of Time

Usually t (1) Boiler presser (2) Boiler Water Level. (3) Combustions Condition.          -,


  • Low Water Level Inspection.
  • Boiler Water Inspection.
  • Boiler Chemical Dosing.
  • Boiler Water Blow Down.
  • Fuel, Stem & water Leakage.
  • Abnormal Sound Vibration of Rotating Machinery

Every Month:

(1)Flame eyes shining

(2) Ignition Burner Cleaning.

(3) Boiler Water Quality Inspection.


Every 06 Month

(1) Electrode.

(2) Cleaning of terminal inside control panel.

(3) Smoke tube Cleaning (Incase of Using heavy air Flow.

Every year

  • Perfunctory Material
  • Feed Water Inner tube.
  • Pressure duct.
  • Safety Valve
  • Cleaning the inside Surface of Boiler.
  • Drain Valve.
  • Main Stem Stop Valve.
  • Cleaning fire Tube.
  • Smoke tube stay tube, smoke chamber.

Notes: Vertical Multistage centre fugal pump (50+Hz) for boiler pump

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