Zipper Ruling Machine

Frequency Maintenance Criteria
WeeklyCheck zipper ruling machine -All Moving parts


Check All Bearing – zipper ruling machine

Check zipper ruling machine Bearing Lubricating.

MonthlyCheck the Emergency switch system


Check the Motor terminal Loose connection of zipper ruling machine

Check all mechanical system.

Check the Heater terminal for short ckt.

Two MonthlyCheck and lubricate all bearing & revolving point with Grease.


Check all Moving parts.

Check zipper ruling machine all Heater Line.

Check ruling machine – all Gear Box .

Six MonthlyCheck the Machine safety system


Check and Refill Gear Oil (Gear Box)

Check Electrical Equipment.

YearlyReplace the oil of the Gear box of reel.


Open Motor and check the Main Bearing, Electrical terminal and other component.

Check Electrical Equipment of zipper ruling machine