What is Zip Metal? Zip Requirements for Childrenswear
Zip Metal

What is Zip Metal? Zip Requirements for Childrenswear

Zip Metal

Metal zips & pullers used for Younger & Older Children’s Garments Accessories /products should be of Non-Ferrous metal to allow them to pass through metal detection. Brass base. No Metal zips are to be used for any Nursery or Babies products.

Zip Requirements for Childrenswear

  • Zips must be plastic and have solid dtm top cob stops.
  • Claw top stops are not to be used on any Children’s zips.
  • Cut Coil Zips are not to be used in Children’s garments.
  • Plastic zippers must not use top stops that allow the slider to be removed from the stringer. E style cob stop required.
What is Zip Zip Requirements
Zip Requirements
  • Bottom stops that are formed from welding the monofilament teeth are only allowed        on invisible zippers
  • Top stops must not have any Injection Flashing remaining (see above ) they must be removed  properly during manufacturing as they  can cause scratches on a Childs skin.
  • Gate / Rail Top Stops  (split cob stops which allows slider to be removed on open end            zips ) are NOT allowed.
  • In addition to the above it is essential that all zip teeth are securely attached to the            zipper tape.
  • Zips should start 1cm down from top of neck line.
  • Zips should only  be ordered from one of the  list of nominated suppliers as shown in  the QC supplier manual.  See below contact
  • Safe Attachment of Poppers for Childrenswear

    Auto  only accept poppers from recognized supplier Data Sheet and Garment Check Report Two samples, representative of manufacturing must be sent to the popper supplier, who will check fabric thickness and manufacturing technique to advise accurate pinch settings and popper location.

    The data sheet and one garment will be sent back to you providing the supplier is happy with the overall make up of the style. (Note you must send the following information to the popper supplier, style number and purchase order number so they are entered onto data sheet). The popper supplier will keep a garment for their records. A copy of the data sheet must be available if required.

    The data sheet will not be submitted, if the popper supplier is not satisfied with the method of manufacturing, they will send you a Garment Check Report (GCR) giving full details of why the data sheet cannot be issued.

    You must not start popper attachment until this data sheet has been received; you must follow all points on the garment check report and resubmit to the popper supplier for approval.

    You must give notice to the popper supplier allowin g time for them to calibrate the machines to achieve the correct pinch settings for bulk product ion. It is your responsibility to ensure that the pinch setting does not deviate from the data sheet supplied by the popper supplier. The data sheet must be kept with the vernier calipers and pull test equipment on the production floor.


    Note: You must not start production without vernier calipers and the recommended pull test equipment in place.

    Pinch settings must be completed and recorded every two hours during production. With corrective action taken should the range drift towards inner and outer limits, as set by the popper supplier. Pulltests are to be carried out at least three times daily and records kept. Should any garments fail, you must stop using the popper attachment machine immediately and inform the popper supplier without delay


    Operators must be trained on Popper attachment machinery Best practice of popper attachment

    Photographs and details of the machine operator must be on a certificate issued by the popper supplier. It is your responsibility to ensure that safety guards or other working parts are not tempered with.

    Storage and Work Area

    The floor area must be clean and tidy around the popper attachment machinery. Do not overload the machine hoppers, as there is the risk of damaging the prongs and poppers as the cylinder rotates this can potentially also cause excess vibration of the machinery leading to poppers falling on the floor. This will waste you money. Popper storage must remain in cartons off the floor in racking. Never leave plastic bags containing poppers loose on the floor; there is a risk of dama ging the prongs and poppers. Poppers that are dropped on the floor must be place d in a separate polythene bag on the side of the machine and disposed of by the line supervisor (under no circumstances must they be used, as there is a high risk of the prong’s being bent / damaged posing a safety risk)

    Auto  insist that the Supervisor in charge or other person of responsibility have a separate certificate for training in the correct use of calipers, pull test, machine settings. Ensure machinery, dies and poppers are supplied by the same source. DO NOT MIX & MATCH and always refer to the data sheet provided if uncertain.

    YKK, Morito and Prym offer technical support at noadditional cost. They are there to provide a service to you. Always refer back to your supplier for technical support and advice.

    You are putting your production and the safety of the end user at risk if you deviate on any of the above issues.

    Quality Control Final Inspection

    It is vitally important that you have in place a system of control at your final inspection point. Here are some simple rules to follow:

    Fasteners should not appear to be distorted or misshapen

    Fasten and un-fasten all poppers to ensure good connection and check there is no sign offabric breaking down around the popper

    Always turn through the feet of sleepsuits, pockets and mitts to ensure no poppers are floating loose inside.


    Auto  Quality Assurance Department requires that above procedures are implemented in your factory before order placement and you audit the system randomly. If you require any further assistance do not hesitate to contact the Quality Assurance Department.  Zip Requirements for Childrenswear are described above in detail

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