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What is Zimmer Machine

What is Zimmer Machine? What is Tapestry Carpet?

Zimmer Machine

The Peter Zimmer machine operates on the principal of the electro magnetic double roller squeegee. The print paste confined between two rollers which are of a considerably larger diameter (80 mm). Pile penetration by the print paste is achieved by pressure wedge of paste trapped in front of the second roller as it moves forward over the screen. In this machine screens are covered with 60-70 mesh polyester screen fabric. The downward pressure and reciprocating motion of the squeegee roller is achieved by a bank of electromagnetic moving beneath the endless rubber belt that carries the carpet. Maximum running speed is usually 2-4 m/ min, depending on carpet quality.


The UV screening agent is applied in combination with TERASIL X dyes by flat screen direct printing.

The light fastness improvement achieved  for two dye combinations is assessed colorimetrically by standardized HT light exposure tests.


Material Tersuisse polyester tricot, washed off, heat set at 175°C type 2031  (No. 5-4204 )
Machinery / apparatus   Zimmer Mini MDF 305 flat screen printing machine drying oven Mathis high temperature steamer
Dyes Dyes beige charcoal
  TERASIL Yellow X-GWL 1.3 g/kg  
  TERASIL Red X-GSA 0.3 g/kg  
  TERASIL Violet X-B 0.04 g/kg  
  TERASIL Blue X-BGE 0.3 g/kg  
  TERASIL Grey X-SGN   50 g/kg
Stock thickening    120 g  Solvitose C5 10 %    480 g  Lamitex M5 6 %    380 g  de-ionized water        5 g  sodium dihydrogen phosphate      10 g  sodium chlorate 1:2        5 g  LYOPRINT AP 1’000 g
  • The carpet is transported by means of an endless rubber blanket or rubber strips. It is sometimes carries small pins on the surface to grip the
  • Four type of rotary screen printer for carpets have been produced namely.
  • The Peter Zimmer machine with a magnetic roller squeegee friction driven with variable magnetic pressure.
  • The Peter Zimmer Hydroslot system which relies on hydrostatic pressure to force the paste through a slot in the special squeegee box and into the carpet pile.
  • The Mitter positively driven roller squeegee which combines the use of large squeegee diameter and high paste levels be hind the roller to achieve good color penetration into the carpet pile. Special flexible screens of triangular cross section can give repeats up to 4 meter.
  • The Johannes Zimmer Magnojet and Viriojet machine which are a further development of the Hydroslot system.

Tapestry Carpet :

Tapestry Carpet also a handmade carpet. Here wool& cotton is used. Any kind of design can be done on the surface of Carpet. Human being, animals, natural beauty, Birds, etc design cane be done this type of Carpet. Pile height depends on the design object of carpet.

The Fardin Carept is one of the carpets known carpet associations in Bangladesh. They have different kind show room in Bangladesh. They actually collect the carpet from Millat Camp.

            In Millat Camp, the Bihari People only made the carpet . They also export the carpet in Malaysia. Only 4 looms they used.

            In Bangladesh there was another Carpet Manufacture that is “Bengal carpet Ltd.”. Actually they were the main Carpet manufacturer in Bangladesh. They were stared a new sensation on carpet manufacturing in Bangladesh and abroad also. Bengal Carpet was started there journey in 1980.They also exported their in Italy, Franc, Germany, etc. They made their carpet by Machine loom. They could make twist , velvet portion carpet ,mat, hang mates. But now they are stopped their carpet manufacturing. Because the lack of order. They started carpet manufacturing in a benefits way but day by day they faced in loss of production. For this reason they stopped their production.

             They stopped their production in 2002.

            But now days they are making mat, braided lace and

                        But now days they are making mat, braided lace, and jute rope etc. Now they are thinking to sell their industry.

            Another man who sustain carpet manufacturing in Bangladesh. He is Ali akbor the owner of “Society handicraft”. He stared his mission from1988. But he organized his organization from 1990. In 1990 he started his organization with 1 loom. But now it is standing in 60 looms. Per month he earned 6 to 7 lac taka.

                            Mainly “Aarrong” is the main suppliers of his organization. Aarrong give him design   and according to their design Ali akbor make carpet. Ali akbor is a very skill man who   can make any kind of design on his carpet. Society handicraft mainly situated at Nana Genda, in Savar.

            Now a day Society Handicrafts played a vital role on Carpet market in Bangladesh.On the other hand in Rangpur district there have some Carpet manufacturer. They also made Carpet, Sotoronji, etc.

Moreover our well known stair carpet runners and carpet runners collection (still produced in France in one of the only remaining and genuine Aubusson carpets factory) is now purchased from all over the world and shipped to thousands of customers from Europe (U.K., France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland etc…) or from the U.S.A, Far East, Middle East, Africa etc… Eventually, we have also developed over the last few years a significant volume of custom made hand tufted wool area rugs and luxurious handmade hand tufted carpet runners and wall-to-wall carpets business in partnership with some of the most experienced and skilled Indian and Chinese companies.

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