Woven Fabric Jigger Machine

No. Woven Fabric Jigger Machine Features Specs
I Fabric width which can be processed 300-500mm
2 Fabric speed Upto 10m/min (Variable)
3 Timer (Adjustable) Upto 99 hours
4 Temperature Control Fully automatic
5 Heating Electric System with cooling jacket
6 Fabric Tension Variable
7 Alarm End of cycle
8 Temperature Up to 130 °C (V00,443k)

Installation of soft starters and variable speed /frequency drives for higher capacity motors.The possibility of implementing this measure depends on the specifications of the final product and has to be analysed on a case by case basis. In general, thermal dewatering is expensive in comparison with other dewatering techniques, such as mechanical squeezing or vacuum extraction. In case a replacement of dewatering equipment between two baths is contemplated, it is therefore recommendable to consider switching techniques. In case thermal dewatering is selected, the air flow can be reduced to a point where a minimum airflow is guaranteed at all times in order to prevent condensation and contamination. It is very similar like Laboratory Jigger Dyeing Machine

Variable frequency drives (VFDs also termed as inverters) may also be useful in Jet / Soft flow dyeing machines, where most of the pumps are of higher capacity (than actual requirements) and water flow is throttled (around 50%). Hence it would be worthwhile to use VFDs (inverters) for the main pump and remove pressure control valve. (The savings could be around 30%.)

For the large size hydraulic jiggers the main pump motor consumes about 15 HP throughout the operation. The machine usually runs at 80 – 120 m/min against the designed speed of 150 m/min and in these cases it would be worthwhile to use an inverter by replacing flow control valve (savings in the range of 30%).

VFDs are also worthwhile to use for blowers in the stenters / dryers for efficient moisture removal.
Increased power factor and reduced energy consumption and reduced GHG emission.
Applicable for all motors of higher capacity and having variable speed applications (e.g. ID and FD fans of boilers, motors of drum washers etc.) This option is beneficial for only higher capacity motors.
Savings: apart from the monetary savings, the reduction in the greenhouse gas emission is considerably high, which is a motivating factor for the implementation of this option. The payback of Jigger Machine for such a measure would be less than 20 months.