Working for Families Tax Credits Question Ans
Working for Families Tax Credits Question Ans

Working for Families Tax Solutions Credits Question

Tax Solutions

  • Tax Solutions – Briefly discuss the provision of Tax Solutions of deduction at source as per value added tax rule 1991. Dec-11,  Ans- vat sheet.
  • What are the date lines of vat returns submission? Dec-10.  Ans: page – 717. Shill
  • Vat is accounts and audit based taxation system. Dec-10/Aug-10, Ans: shill page 720.
  • Manufacturing Accounting Software is essential
  • Distinguish between value added tax and turnover tax as per value added tax act-1991. Aug-10.
  • What is truncated based VAT. Aug-10
  • Discuss the /mention the five service where this /truncate type tax is levied. Aug-10
  • Answer: – There are some item which was levied truncated tax is as follows:
  • Working for Families Tax Credits Question Ans -Dock yard
  • Photo studio
  • Audit firm
  • Legal consultancy
  • Coaching center
  • English medium school
  • Rent a car for Tax Solutions
  • Explain the procedure of payment of VAT as provided u/r-23 and submission of returns under rules24 VAT Act 1991. Aug-12.
  • What provisions are with regards to refund of VAT on exports. Aug-12
  • State the provision of law for determines of value u/s the Act 1991. Aug-12
  • Under the situations, input tax credit is not allowed under the value added tax act 1991.April-12. Dec-10.  Ans: shill page- 699.
  • What are the provision to get input tax credit u/s- 9 of the value added tax act 1991, Dec-11,  Ans. Shill, page- 699
  • Discuss the procedure and time of paying VAT u/s 6 of VAT act 1991. Aug-10. Ans: shill page- 696.
  • How the value of goods and services are determine for imposition of VAT. Dec-09. Dec-08.
  • Under section 3(2) (e) vat act 1991, a service recipient has been made a legal taxpayer form 2011-2012 through amendment by the finance act 2011.
  • Explain the procedure of VAT deducts at source. Your answer should reflect the recent changes. April11
  • What are the fiscal incentives available in Bangladesh under the vat act 1991? April-11
  • Discuss the procedure of registration of value added tax paying unit and turnover tax unit. Dec-11. Answer- shills page-704.
  • What are the legal obligations to get a vat registration? What are the procedures for getting such registration? Aug-09
  • Enumerate the interns/ areas from where VAT has been withdrawn in the finance act. Aug-09.
  • How a producer a producing a contract will pay VAT. Aug-09
  • How a commercial importer will declare value of goods for payment of VAT. Aug-09.
  • Working for Families


Tax Solutions Credits Question Ans- Discuss the important of VAT as a source of revenue in the national economy.

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