What is Winding Machine
Winding Machine

What is Winding Machine? How to Ensure Quality?

Winding Machine

There is only one winding machine ,which is used only optionally  i.e. when the package supplied from the spinning machine are in a deform shape , improperly wound or when there is more than 150 m of yarn left in the package  used for ball warping . These packages are taken for rewinding and cones are made on this machine.

The different characteristics and parameters of this winding machine are:

  • Maker —–Auto industries , Ahmedabad
  • Type ——grooved drum winding machine
  • of winding heads—–60
  • Winding speed——-300
  • Drum diameter——-4
  • of crossing per double traverse——-5
  • Package conicity—–5o57’
  • Winding angle——-340

The path of the yarn is shown in figure .An patterning device is attached with the driving arrangement, which works on the principle of intermittent disengagement of the drive from the motor.




Tensioning device

Slub catcher

Stop motion

Winding drum

Cone or


 This department takes care of the quality aspect of the raw materials (fibre and yarn) and other auxiliaries for processing of the material, either produce from outside or that being produced over here ( at different stages of the processing) . it also looks after the various processing parameters and the extent of utilization of resources. It comprises of two departments, one the physical testing lab and the other is chemical testing lab.


  • Stretch property tester-

For 3 pound –half an hour

For 5 pound-two hour

Sample size -2”width

And length -50 cm

  • Tearing strength

Sample size -4×8”

  • Stiffness

Sample size-4×8”

  • Rubbing

Weight – 9

Diameter – 16mm

Dry and wet both testing has been done

Wet -60%

Dry -100%

  • Tear strength – washed fabric

Sample size-63 x100mm, warp and weft side

  • Tensile tester

Sample size – 4×8”

  • Stretch %

Example of Production

In Ring Spinning Department there are many winding m/c.

  • Model – Auto corner – 338
  • Speed – 900 m /min
  • Efficiency – 85%
  • Splicing time – 0.2 sec
  • Labour – 16 workers

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