Wilcom Embroidery Studio e1.5

Wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 have two major options available during installation. One is Wilcom Embroidery Studio  and another one is Wilcom DesignWorkflow. There are also sub-components of Wilcom Embroidery Studio e1.5 Modules which you can install or remove separately as required.  The wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 installation does not uninstall previous versions of the software. If you wish to preserve user-defined settings, motifs as well as  program splits, and custom alphabets, you need to install Embroidery Studio  before removing any previous version. This will allow the installation to copy the necessary files to the new location. If you wants you can then uninstall the previous version via the Windows Control Panel after successfully installing the current Embroidery Studio. Wilcom 2006 Install procedure is complitly different with Studio e1.5

Requirements after download wilcom embroidery studio e1.5

CPU : Minimum 1 GHz Intel or AMD 32-bit (x86) processor, Recommended 2 GHz + Intel or AMD 32-bit (x86) processor

Operating system : Minimum  Windows XP SP2, Recommended  Windows Vista Business SP1, Embroidery Studio  does not support Win98 or Windows NT/2000.

Browser: Minimum  I.E. 6.0 or Later, Recommended  I.E. 7.0 or Later

Internet connection Required for product registration and access to software updates.Embroidery Studio  requires IE 6.0 or higher.

Memory : Minimum 1 GB , Recommended  2 GB (More if running multiple apps)

Hard disk: Minimum  size 40 GB, Recommended   80 GB or more. Embroidery Studio  occupies up to 1Gb of hard disk space, depending on the options installed.

Free disk space : Minimum   At least 5 GB after installation (nondouble-spaced), Recommended  15 GB after installation

Graphics card:  Minimum   Support for Highest Color (32bit) and resolution (1024 X 768), Recommended Support for DirectX 9 graphics with: WDDM driver- 256 MB of graphics memory – Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware-  32 bits per pixel – Dual monitor capable

Monitor:  Minimum   17″ at 1024 X 768 , Recommended Dual monitors capable of displaying 1280 X1020. You need to calibrate your monitor so that designs at 1:1 scale appear at real size. Do this when you first install Embroidery Studio  or whenever you change your monitor

Scanner, printer and plotter:  Windows-compatible (any connection method – e.g. parallel, USB) USB ports Dedicated USB port for a USB dongle (V1.0 or V2.0)

Mouse : PS/2 or USB mouse

Data drives DVD-ROM drive:  for software installation Backup device – e.g CD/DVD burner

Sound card:  Required for multimedia training

Wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 Modules

  • Embroidery Studio ,
  • ES Machine Manager,
  • ES Cross Stitch,
  • ES Chenille,
  • ES Schiffli.
  • DesignWorkflow software.
  • CorelDRAW

Security device

All purchases of Embroidery software from CADWilcom whether new, updates, or upgrades, are shipped with a USB type of  dongle. These software will not work properly when the dongle is unplugged from a computer during Embroidery is open. The application may be hang or may be crash and any open files may be corrupted during the time. The dongle is the important and best valuable part of your system and it should be treated with care. Always store this in a safe place when not in use. Wilcom Company ensure the dongle against defects in material and workmanship under normal service when properly installed, for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery. If it is faulty, it may be exchanged. If it is physically damaged, it can be sent to Wilcom and a replacement purchased for the cost of the dongle alone. However,if you loss or theft, you will need to purchase an entire Embroidery Studio  replacement system. For this reason, you should consider insuring your dongle. Every dongle has its own serial number and identification code so your system can be uniquely recognized. The security codes enable access to features within the software. When upgrading or upgrading your software, you re-program your dongle by entering access codes via the software. See Changing security device options for details. If you are updating from an earlier version of the software, or are upgrading product models, you will be supplied with a generic dongle. This needs to be programmed with the serial number and identity code of your existing dongle so your system can be recognized. Wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 crack free download is strictly prohibited from wilcom official site.

Install Descargar wilcom embroidery studio e1.5

  1. AT first close all windows programs but quite windows running
  2. Please do not attach your dongle until prompted to do so. If for any reason you do attach the dongle key before descargar wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 is installed or the pc rebooted, you should cancel the windows auto detect Hardware wizard if it appears.
  3. Insert the descargar wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 installation disk. The installation program should start within 20 seconds and the welcome dialog appear.
  4. After that accept the terms of the license agreement and after that click next. During this time you are prompted to attach your dongle key. Product models, you will be supplied with a generic dongle supply by wilcom pty. These needs to be programmed with the serial number and identity code of your exsiting dongle so your system can be uniquely recognized.
  5. After that attach the dongle and click next. The user information dialog opens prompting you to enter your user details as well as access rights.
  6. Enter your details information and select whether you want to install the system for personal use only or for anybody who logs onto the computer. If you choose personal use only, the system will show the desktop icon, program group and program listing only with your logon.
  7. After that enter your information details and click next. The choosed products dialog opens prompting during install Embroidery Studio and/or design workflow. The typical installation defaults to Embroidery Studiowilcom embroidery studio e1.5 Choose product 8
  8. To accept the typical installation of descargar wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 and then click next.
  9. After that choose an installation type for descargar wilcom embroidery studio e1.5wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 download
  10. After that click next to proceed for the descargar wilcom embroidery studio
  11. After that click the browse button if you want to change the installation location. The installation displays a standard file browser, allowing you to choose and if necessary create a destination folder for your installation.
    wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 crack free download Next to Proced 11
  12. If you are installing a multi-language version of the software, choose the install extra languages checkbox as required and click next.
  13. After that choose any extra languages required and click next.
  14. After that change the design folder location if required and click next.
  15. After that click next to proceed.
  16. After that choose a previous version or choose not to merge and click next.
  17. After that click install to proceed.
  18. After the installation has run, an installation complete dialog of appears.
  19. Finally click finish to restart your computer.finisih tutorial wilcom embroidery studio e1.5
Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman, Garments Auto Machine Technologist, Web: www.autogarment.com