Presentation on Domain & Hosting Server Management

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For RMG Sector all company should have their own Hosting Server. In a survey, it is found most of the organisation does not have their own Hosting Server. IT department of this company are busy only with hardware and software services

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Domain Purchase

  • Purchase from direct service holder. e.g. Godaddy, Bluehost, Site5 etc.
  • Avoid purchase for local service holder

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Domain Security

  • Add domain privacy
  • Add 2-step authentication
  • Secure Domain information by activating anti-virus software
  • Keep your domain contact information up to date with your register
  • Set a reminder for avoiding your registration expiring 
  • Set registry lock service to prevent anyone to transfer your domain
  • Avoid a phishing attack because hackers can email claiming to be your registrar 
  • SSL certification installation and enable DNSSEC for extra protection

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Hosting Purchase

  1. Shared Hosting (cPanel)
  2. Reseller Hosting (WHM)
  3. WordPress Shared Hosting
  4. WordPress Managed Hosting
  5. Woo commerce Managed Hosting
  6. VPS Hosting Plans
  7. Dedicated Server Hosting

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Shared Hosting (Single cPanel) Management

There are different types of shared hosting offer by hosting service provider

  • Multiple Web sites hosted on the same server/cPanel as addon domain/subdomian
  • Maintenance & security handled by hosting provider

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Reseller Hosting (WHM)

WHM means Web Host manager. It includes below featues

  • Can create multiple cPnael
  • Backup facility
  • SSH Access

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WordPress Shared Hosting

It is similar to Shared Hosting. It includes below features-

  • WordPress Package Installed by Hosting Provider
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 1 Website

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WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting is completely configured and managed by hosting provider. It includes below features-

  • Built for ~100k Monthly Visitors
  • Unlimited Email
  • 30GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Click Staging
  • SSL Certificate Pre-Installed
  • On-Demand + Daily Backups
  • 24/7 WordPress Support
  • Jetpack Free Pre-Installed

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Woo Commerce Managed Hosting

Woo commerce Managed Hosting also managed by hosting provider. It include below features

  • 1 WordPress website only
  • Managed by hosting service provider

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Pricing Comparison

TypeShared BasicShared Adv.WP Managed
Managed Adv
VPS BasicVPS AdDedi cated
HDD GB3030408012030502TB
Bandwidth  10Gb 50GbUnlimUnlimUnlim 2TBUnlim
Hit at a Time6060UnlimUnlimUnlim5K5KUnlim
Monthly Visitors100K100K150K500K1MUnlimUnlimUnlim

Question: What is the server status

Answer: I see the site’s using DreamPress Pro which comes with 4GB of RAM/Memory and 120GB of disk. There have been over 95.000 requests to the site today but the site has not run out of memory which is a good sign. Currently, there are 2.5GB of available memory so that’s a good sign too. (dp)

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WordPress Managed vs Dedicated

Comparison Between WordPress Managed and Dedicated Server

ServicesManaged WordPressVPS/Dedicated Server
Hosting Server$72$200
Jetpack ProfessionalFree$30/m
Automated Daily BackupsFree$15/m
On-Demand Backups & 1-Click RestoreFreeTicket Support
 1-Click StagingFree X
Malware Scan & RemovalFree$20/m
Speed OptimizationFreeSenior Admin Required
WordPress Support & ServeriesFree (24/7)Senior Programmer Required (Office Hour)
Storefront ThemeFree SetupSetup by Customer
WooCommerceFree SetupSetup by Customer
1-Click StagingFreeX
SSL SupportFree SetupSetup by Customer
CDN SupportFree SetupSetup by Customer
Root AccessDashboard OnlyRoot Access Full
No of Website1Unlimited


Question: What is our shaerd server configuration. Can u help me. I mean memory, disk space, CPU, Core, IP etc

Answer: Sure, I see that you have a shared Choice Plus account, you can host unlimited email accounts, unlimited websites with unmetered Storage space. You have a shared hosting account where a single physical server hosts multiple sites. Many users utilize the resources on a single server. Users each get a section of a server in which they can host their website files

Question: What s are the advantages if we upgrade into VPS

Answer: VPS is a Private server, and you will get more resources in a VPS account (b)

Question: How much memory / RAM , we are using in shared hosting?

Answer: No Specific limit in memory / RAM in shared account System resources are shared on customers on the server, and each gets a percentage of everything from RAM and CPU (b)

Question: What is the bandwidth limit in shared Plus package?

Answer: There is no limit is Shared accounts (b)

Question: How many customers are using this server?

Answer: Shared servers can hosts hundreds (100) of users (b)

Question: How many visitors/ per month can handle by our existing shared hosting

Answer: It will be 8000 per day and 200000 visitors per month (b)

Answer: Your hosting plan is Suitable for ~100,000 Visits (s)

Question: how to measure it?

Answer: You can check the statistics from your cPanel–>Awstats (s)


Name Cheap Backup: Thanks for waiting patiently. AutoBackup does not take your disk storage. The backups are created on the server side according to the following schema: 6 daily backups, 3 weekly backups, 5 monthly backups, Once a new one is generated, the previous one is removed., We create server backups for some types of hosting services in case they meet the following requirements:
1) no more than 25 GB of disk space usage;
2) contain no more than 200,000 inodes.

Question: One of my database is very large, so SSH command is recommended for backup. It is only possible from your end. I need your help to make the database backup. After completing backup I will download it via Filezila

Question: One of my database is very large which is more than 1.2 Gb, so I can not take backup from my end. It is only possible from your end. I need your help to create backup in cPanel. Please tell me backup location as I can download it via Filezila

Answer: Okay. You can do the down load via the FTP client filezilla. let me know which website database back up you wish to have now?

How can I take backup this type of large database myself?

You can try with the SSH commands on your way.

Question: How many visitors can access at a time in existing hosting?

Answer: Not more than 60 or 80 at a given time,If so Website will go down (b)

Question: What is the next level upgradation, e.g. WHM/ VPS/ Dedicated etc ?

Answer: It is not possible to upgrade this account to a VPS or Dedicated server. You can signup with a VPS/dedicated account depending on your requirement’s (b)

WHM – Web Host Manager (Multiple cPanel) Management

Basic WebHost Manager Setup
Security Center
Remote Access Key

Folder Permission

  • Please make sure to set the folder permission to 755 and file to 644
  • You can update it from your end through your cpanel>> File manager
  • Folder permission should be 755 and file should be 644

Account Information

  • List Accounts
  • List Parked Domains
  • List Subdomains
  • List Suspended Accounts
  • Show Accounts Over Quota
  • View Bandwidth Usage

Account Functions

  • Account Functions
  • Create a New Account
  • Force Password Change
  • Limit Bandwidth Usage
  • Manage Account Suspension
  • Modify an Account
  • Password Modification
  • Quota Modification
  • Skeleton Directory
  • Terminate Accounts
  • Web Template Editor


  • Add a Package
  • Delete a Package
  • Edit a Package
  • Feature Manager

DNS Functions

  • Add a DNS Zone
  • Delete a DNS Zone
  • Edit DNS Zone
  • Edit Zone Templates
  • Park a Domain
  • Reset a DNS Zone
  • Set Zone Time To Live (TTL)


Question: Last query,In our current shared hosting we got some basic feature and software that is configured by u, is not it?

Answer: Yes, that is correct (s)

Question: What is our WHM shared server configuration. Can u help me. I mean memory, disk space, hosting configuration etc

Answer: I checked the account is a shared hosting account and the disk space on each cPanel is 25 – 30 Gb (s)

Question: How much memory / RAM , we are using in shared hosting?

Answer: Here are the details on the shared server : Dual Xeon E5-2630 64GB RAM 2TB HDD RAID 10 1Gbps Uplink . However please note that since the resources on the account are shared, the hosting account has a disk space limit of 25 – 30 GB (s)

Question: How many customer are using this server?

Answer: Unfortunately, the number of customers on the shared server cannot be provided (s)

Question: What is the next level upgradation?

Answer: Since you are currently hosted with the shared server, if you wish you may signup for the VPS services (s)

Question: First I want to clear with 25-30gb. Is it single cPanel maximum space?

Answer: Yes, that is correct. The maximum disk space allotted on a single cPanel on the shared hosting account is 25 – 30 gb (s)

Question: If I create 10 cPanel’s , Can I occupied around 300 Gb? 10×30 = 300?

Answer: You may create 10 cPanel accounts on your hosting and use the 300GB however if the accounts are breaching any of the shared resource usage policy the account will be suspended by the admins (s)

Question: You are managing our shared hosting. Currently you are managing our shared server. is not it

Answer: Yes, we are managing the server as well as the issue related with the servers (s)

Question: Currently we are running around 7/8 cPanel in your WHM shared server. IF upgrade who will transfer files /database

Answer: Thank you for elaborating, the migration of the accounts from the shared to VPS service will be done from our end, free of cost (s)

Question: Second point, Can I install additional software in VPS

Answer: Yes, definitely, however, we will not provide support with the software end issues (s)

Question: I have copy and paste auto.sql file in directory path / I have created a new database named code_shop and a new user named code_shop. Please import / in my created database named code_shop

Question: is currently running on another hosting provider. They have provided us WP Managed hosting. Anyway I want to run in parallel and separate website as As a result I have configured and copied all files and database into website. Unfortunately is not running. In addition, I have replaced all old URL as before importing.

PHP Management

Question: How can I update PHP version in Cpanel?

Answer: On in advanced. Check for tool named multi php manager > Click on it. >Select your domain name from drop down > You will see list of domain names > Check mark your domain name > Then on top right you will see PHP version > Click on drop down and select the one you wish
The latest is 7.3 > Yes sub-domains. if you wish you can manually change sub-domain php version later > Click Apply

How to Point a Subdomain from a hosting to another hosting

The domain is using WordPress nameservers. As you wish to point only the subdomain to your hosting here, you may update the A record for the subdomain to your hosting IP value:


Sudomain Withou root