Rotor Spinning Machine

Rotor Spinning Machine is a high speed, efficient self exhausting type open end yarn spinning machine with impurities discharge mechanism. It has an excellent quality of rotor yarn, reliability of performance and wide range of rotor yarn counts. The yarn is mainly used for weaving gloves, low-grade denim and towels.  The yarn produced by different spinning machine self-exhausting type of Rotor Spinning Machine manufactured by Spinning machine Company is between mid-grade and low-grade rotor yarns. Rotor spinning machine has a great advantage for producing yarns below Ne 21 and soft twist yarn, towel yarn, gloves yarn, gigging fabrics yarn and aged jeans yarn, especially for producing wool and polypropylene fibers and etc.

Advantages of Computerized Numerical Control Rotor Machine:

The semi automatic piecing system which integration of mechanics and electrics adopt the touch button for feeler resolved the problem of feeler service life which was worried by user.

Advantages of Computerized Numerical Control Rotor Machine
Computerized Numerical Control Rotor Machine
  • Used the air extracting structure of spinning unit, the highest rotor speed is upto 100000 r/min
  • Used the new open end yarn tension structure and differential roller with three sections, ensure an uniform building for conical package.
  • For suction pressure, adopt the inverter auto-adjusting system, ensure the constant suction pressure during the spinning process, thus has a stable yarn quality.
  • The touch screen can adjust and display spinning parameters and quality data, can realize the central control for whole spinning machine.
  • The machine adopts inverter to control driving system which is reliable and simple and the system makes the spinning parameter adjusting more convenient.
  • Equipped with electric clearer (optional), ensure the quality for piecing and spun yarn.

Advanced Technology and Reliable Quality:

The prolE application improved the machine design method. The advanced machining center, perfect quality assurance system, testing and inspecting instruments ensured the products reliable quality and prominent performance.

Characteristic of Rotor Spinning Machine
Rotor Spinning Machine

Some quality of spinning units –

  • Don’t need any tool for exchanging the spinning components process, the operation is convenience
  • Compare with other machine, save time for exchanging yarn mass and maintenance
  • Without separator avoid the fiber wrapping.
  • Spinning wheels is the important factor for this machine
  • The highest rotor speed is upto 50000-80000r/min.
  • Could reduce open end yarn twisting, improve the spinning stability.
  • A central control system could adjust the air pressure inside rotor spinning.
  • Reduce the quality requirement for raw material, could be able to rotor spinning special yarn.
  • All fibers (including high density fiber) could be opened without any defect.
  • Lightest weight of spinning unit in the world, a maximum reducing for power consumption .
  • Depend on the different insert plate for adjusting air exhausting, the air flow inside cleaning plate was separated into cleaning air and combing air. The insert plates were equipped with according to different raw material.
  • Select the special ceramic for new type of navel, extended the service life more 25% than conventional navel; on the other side, reduced the hairness due to the high density and smooth surface of navel.
  • The high economic benefits of model JWF1609 rotor spinning machine is due largely to the adoption of aluminium rotors ,which prolong the service lives of bearings and reduce the maintenance costs and increase the output.

Improving the Design Continuously For Open end Yarn Process:

The spinning wheels units are improved continuously, the highest rotor speed is risen from 40000rpm( CD 66 rotor), 60000rpm( CD 54 rotor) and 75000rpm( CD 43 rotor), The production is double of the ring spinning system which spinning the coarse yarn.

Improving the Design Continuously For Open end Yarn Process
Open end Yarn Process

A new yarn tension structure and differential roller with three sections make the tension is more tenderness while winding the conical package.

Characteristic of Rotor Spinning Machine:

The characteristics of rotor spinning machine is given below-

  • The Drive Side Frame has been designed newly without gear box, which can ensure spinning wheels stability.
  • The transverse system is step less speed regulated by a stepping motor, which ensures less wearing out for the rubber rolls.
  • The take-up tension is regulated by step less system, and the draw-off, take-up and transverse systems are separately driven.
  • The machine is completely controlled by inverters, total 8 inverters, which are easy for adjusting spinning processes.
  • It is possible to add another processing fan for more stable processing vacuum for the Drive Side Frame in order to ensure the need to spin a special open end yarn.
  • The guide part is driven by means of rolling pulley, whose force is small. It is helpful for high speed and suitable for long machine.
  • The motors for combing rollers are separately placed both at Drive Side Frame and Cleaning Side Frame, which ensures that the stress is of uniform.
  • The bearings are bigger, which is easy for fitting and running and also suitable for long machine.
  • The gear couplings are longer and applied with nylon gear sleeves, which improve long service life.
  • The machine can give more productivity and the rotors can be up to 336 heads.
  • If the machine produces the material with more impurities, both Drive Side Fame and Cleaning Side Frame can have their own impurities fan to ensure a stable vacuum for impurities discharge.
  • The middle of machine adopts the section-by-section assembling, thus makes the machine assemble and produce very fast. The big package and large gauge save the labor cost and time, thus increased the customer economic benefit. For transportation the package, adopt the conveyer belt which instead of transportation by manual. Thus increased production of open end yarn and saved the labor cost.
  • The package conveyer motion makes the operator don’ t stop the spinning unit to carry out the doffing operation.
  • The machine adopts inverter to control motor speed and the timing belt to drive. The adopting of programmable controller (PC) and the convenient spinning parameter adjustment can increase the reliability of the machine and decrease the noise of the machine.
  • Used the new yarn tension structure and differential roller

Spinning Wheels and Accessories:

The spinning wheels unit is a key component in rotor spinning machine. It can carry out the spinning process. such as feeding, opening, centralizing and twisting process. The spinning wheels unit quality can directly effect the quality of spun yarn.

Spinning Wheels and Accessories
Spinning Wheels and Accessories

Autogarment Textile Machinery  CO.,Ltd set up a rotor spinning machinery department, special manufacture the rotor spinning machine and spinning unit. The main components are produced be machining center, CNC machine and special machine. Adopt processing-line of installation, ensure the quality of spinning units.

Inverter for Computerized Numerical Control Rotor Machine:

The stability of suction pressure affected a quality of spun yarn directly, the pressure different can be eliminated by automatic adjusting system, the whole spinning process could be carry out at the state of constant suction pressure, thus has a stable yarn quality. The user could adjust the pressure according to the raw material for saving the energy.

Active Chanel Computerized Numerical Control Rotor Machine
Active Chanel
  • The machine adopts Profi-Bos system trunk technology which facilitate control technology more precise.
  • Take-up and draw-off are achieved by individual control and ensure superior spinning process.
  • Communication technology is used to set spinning process and ensure accurate moter speed .

Fully Computerized Numerical Control Information System:

Operator could realize the cnc machine for sale based on following monitoring and controlling-

  • Monitoring the machine running and displaying the production data .
  • Setting and checking the technology parameters .
  • Setting and adjusting the semi-automatic piecing device .
  • Could set a password for protecting all data and setting parameters, preventing other operator intervention .
  • Individual counting length setting, ensure identical weight for each package, leave out package weighting

Rotor CNC Machine For Sale:

CNC machine for sale according to following configuration

Specifications NameSpecifications Value
Product CategorySpinning
Machine CategoryRotor Spinning
Product NameCNC Rotor spinning machine
Product ModelCNC MOdel
Product ClassNew
OriginMade in China
Brand/ ManufacturerAutogarment
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Production CapacityNA
Rotor Numbers24, 84, 120, 168, 192, 240, 288, 300, 312,324, 336, 360
Raw MaterialCotton Chemical Fibers and their blends
Yarn Count145-14.7mm
Rotor Gauge200mm
Actual Rotor Speed30000-75000rpm
Package Dimension350*150mm
FrameSteel Plate
Erection ModeSection by section
Package ConveyorYes
Piecing –up modeManual
Electric clearerOptional
Electric Control SystemPC, Inverter
Exhausting SystemSelf Exhausting
Rotor Diameter66, 54, 43
DescriptionRotor CNC Machine For Sale

 Semi Rotor CNC Machine For Sale:

  • The precision for controlling piecing time is arrived at millisecond level, the piecing yarn is directly put between delivery roller and top roller. Compare with other piecing system, Jhe piecing yarn enter into delivery roller from side of top roller, thus avoids the thick place at piecing end, the piecing-up ratio and yarn quality is higher.
Rotor CNC Machine For Sale
Rotor CNC Machine For Sale
  • The feeler button adopts the touch one, avoid the button worn and broken for long service life on the spinning machine, resolved the problem of feeler service life which was worried by user.
  • Operation is convenience and simple, the operator only need the piecing train for 1 minute, the piecing quality is required spun open end yarn.
  • The piecing process parameters could set on the displaying screen by operator according to the quality of raw material.
  • Rotor spinning machine and rotor CNC machine for sale by Jinzhong Jingwei Hengxin Machinery Ltd.
  • Jinzhong Jingwei Hengxin Machinery Co. Ltd.,, China