What is Maternity Benefit Policy

What is Maternity Benefit Policy

Principle :

The management of Auto Garments Apparel Ltd. is committed to provide maternity benefit as per law and help maintain good physical and mental health of Mother & child.


To ensure compliance related to the maternity benefit rules and regulations as per law of Bangladesh.


This policy is applicable for all the female employees who are employed by Auto Garments Apparel Ltd.

Provided that  a female employee shall be entitled for such maternity benefit if she has worked with the company for at least 6 months up to the immediate preceding day of her delivery.

Provided that the benefit entitlement is only for the employee’s first and second child birth.

Payment Criteria:

Employee is entitled for 112 calendar days of Maternity Leave (ML).

Maternity Benefit is payable at the rate of monthly average wages which is calculated by dividing the total wages earned by the employee during the 3 months immediately preceding the date on which she gives notice by the number of actual working days during this period.

Payment must be given within 3 working days of receiving application or formal notification.

In case of those who will go to maternity on first week of any given month, HR will provide the pay slips of previous month with HRA concern signature.HRA/Compliance will send a requisition of estimated figure & HC of the persons going to Maternity Leave to Finance and Finance will deposit estimated amount to HRA/Compliance.

Any other matters relating to Maternity Benefit will follow the Bangladesh Labor law.

Documents to support payment:

Employee shall duly submit the application with supporting documents stated in Annexure 1 (Maternity Checklist) to HRA or Compliance Department (as appointed by the management).

Payment procedure:

Pre-maternity Benefit: 8 weeks Pre-Maternity Benefit shall be paid within 3 working days after providing the certificate of expected delivery date from a registered doctor along with the application supported by related documents.

Post-maternity Payment: Post-Maternity Benefit (Balance payment) shall be paid 3 working days after providing the proof of child birth i.e. Child birth certificate and related documents.


Central HR is responsible for implementation

Factory HR is responsible for execution and compliance in the factory

Factory HR is responsible for Custody of documents relating to Maternity Benefit


Any matters arising related to this policy to be communicated with Central HR.

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