Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Labelling Machine

N.K.P. Pharma Pvt. Ltd.”, formerly known as N.K. Pharma Industries & N.K. Engineering Co. is one What is Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Labelling Machine of the foremost Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery. After receiving overwhelming response right from the day one from our most reputed and valuable customers, we stepped ahead into the New venture of manufacturing wide range of New Machines and Models for Injectable Liquid Filling Lines & Dry Syrup Powder Filling Lines and immensely used Self Adhesive Labelling Machines for Vials, Bottles, Jars & Ampoules depending on the customers needs & requirement.

Since then there has been no looking back and now more and more people are convinced that their decision to approach us from their entire machinery requirement is just the right thing to do. “N.K.P” is a company with a never ending quest for the state of art technology and best products made available by the Pharmaceutical Companies world over and offering them to their valued customers even when other companies are merely talking about it. Today “N.K.P.” is manufacturing and Exporting Complete Filling Lines for Injectable Dry Powder Filling Injectable Vial Liquid Filling &

Dry Syrup Powder Filling

The above said Lines includes machines like Linear Washing Machines, Filling & Stoppering Machine, Vial Sealing Machines, ROPP / Screw Capping Machines, External Washing & Drying Machines for Vials & Ampoules, Inspection Machines, Self Adhesive Labeling Machines, Packing Belts, Swing & Fix Conveyors etc. The above said machines are of various Output speed and specifications depending on Customers needs and requirement.

“N.K.P.” machines are manufactured as per cGMP specifications and well accepted in the international market for the superior technology, quality and competitive price to provide value for money. More then 1000 Machines are installed and running successfully in India and abroad. From time to time we have been continuously updating our products range keeping in mind of our valued customers needs. “N.K.P.”  Has a well Trained and Well Qualified Engineers and Staff who are well versed in this field and ready to meet any circumstances. “N.K.P.” believes that there is no shortcut and one can rise to the top only by doing quality work.

At last “N.K.P” wants to thank you for believing in us and providing us with this wonderful opportunity to work with you.



  1. Conveyor
  2. Label Applicator
  3. Feeder
  4. MMI Programmable unit
  5. Pressing Device
  6. Penal box


Conveyor is made from S.S. materials. And its belt is made from Delrine             materials. One Bonfiglioli gear motor was fixed with this conveyor for drive.             There are adjustable guide for different vial size adjustment.


Here are part list which fixed in label applicator.

  • Label roll fixing plate
  • Release plate
  • Back paper Winding roller
  • Stepper motor
  • Label roll pulling roller
  • Slot sensor
  • Bottle sensor

Here are descriptions of all these parts

Label roll fixing plate: –

This part is use for fix the label roll in applicator. There are two acrylic discs             and one break in this assembly. Bottom plate is holding the label roll and the             top plate is holding this roll from top side. There is one liver which connected             with break. When the roll will pull from stepper motor at that time this lever             will operate and release this assembly. Now label will come out from this             assembly, but when label will stop at that time lever will apply break on this             assembly.

Rlease plate: –

 Release plate in the important part of the label applicator. It is like one type             of blade. When label roll will turn from release plate, at that time label will             transfer on bottle and release paper will collect on back paper winding roller.

Release paper collect roller : –

 Release paper collect roller is use for collect the waste release paper of      label roll. This roller is rotate with stepper motor with help of P.U. belt.

Stepper motor: –

 Stepper motor is use for give drive to pulling roller. This motor is controlled             by stepper drive. And this drive is specially design for this machine. This   drive is micro controller base.

Label roll pulling roller: –

This roller is pulling label roll when stepper motor will rotate. This roller is             connecting with stepper motor with help of timing belt. This roller is made             from P.U. materials.

Slot sensor: –

This sensor is use for take position of label in label applicator. This sensor is             connecting with stepper drive.

Bottle sensor: –

Bottle sensor is use for give signal to stepper motor for label applying             operation.

When bottle will come opposite this sensor, this sensor will sense the bottle             and give signal to stepper drive for sticker applies.


 Feeder is made from delrin materials. There are common gear box for             pressing device and feeder assembly. There is one support peas for             adjustment for different size of vials. Feeder is rotate slow then conveyor   and it’s creating space between two vials.



Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical labeling Machine Model: ATL-120, suitable for Vials, Containers, Jars & any kind of round container and a complete GMP model.

One of the special features of this machine is that it does not require any change parts. This machine is very well accepted in the market. The Output speed of this machine is 60 to 120 round container / Minute. (Depend on the size of the container or the label length.)

This machine is fully Automatic machine. All the controls are MICRO CONTROLLER based. Special care has been taken in wiring of the machine. This machine is designed keeping in mind of the customer’s requirement.

We are very sure that our customers will find this machine up to their satisfaction.

Equipment described in this manual has been carefully designed and manufactured to high standards. Special attention has been devoted to the convenience of operation, while simultaneously providing effective safety precaution for operating personnel.


First of the all the container has to be kept on the conveyor. With the help of the conveyor the container moves forward. A container sensor is provided to sense the container. The moment the sensor senses the Container the label applicator gets activated. As soon as it comes in the position of the label the label gets sticks on the Container. Kindly refer the drawing for the mounting the Label on the label applicator. After the label gets stocked on the container it passes to the pressing unit. On one side of the conveyor a pressing belt is provided and on the other side a pressing pad is provided. Both are kept parallel to each other so that the label gets properly stickled on the container.

A label sensor is provided to sense the label and it stops the stepper motor as soon as it detects the gap between the two labels. This system is provided to maintain the time gap between the two Containers. If this system is not provided then in that case the label gets continuously stocked on the conveyor even if there is no Container.  The label length can be adjusted through the MMI Control. The programs are fully MMI based. All the parameters can be adjusted through the MMI. This MMI has the features as mentioned in our operating instruction. Hot Foil Printer is used for batch coding.


DIMENSIONS                      :            1830 MM (L) x 950 MM (W) x 1245 MM (H)

NET WEIGHT                      :            400 KG.

CONTAINER SIZES           :           25 mm to 75 mm diameter

3o mm to 130 mm height

(Without the help of change parts)

LABEL SIZES                      :           Height: 16 MM to 120 MM

Length:  180 MM

PRODUCTION                     :           60 TO 120 Containers/ Minute Depending on

The Container & the Label size.


CHARACTERISTICS          :        220 Volt, Single Phase, 60 Hz.


Connect the air inlets, the air supply should not exceed 30 PSI and must be             clear and dry.  Connect the electric circuits as shown in wiring diagram.



Generally, the main drive speed will remain constant during the production. However, occasionally the speed of the drive can be increased or decreased depending on the Container or the label size.


Loosen the bolt and for adjusting the height of the applicator. This adjustment can be rotated in Clockwise or anticlockwise direction as per the requirement.


The Container feeder width can be adjusted as per the Container diameter only for Round Containers.


For label adjustment first put label roll as per label roll diagram. Then with help of inching button put one label 10mm out from release plate. Then set slot sensor in gap between two labels. Then feed proper length in MMI unit. Now take machine in auto mode then give one signal to bottle sensor. Now check every time the slot sensor will stop in gap of two labels.

  1. Display unit :           This is 96 x 192 boxes with 16 x 2 LCD & 9 keys

(MMI BOX)                            Keypad & 1 synchronization pot in front of it.

  1. DIGISTEP :           This is the drive unit to drive the stepper motor.

(DC Stepper Drive)                This is mounted on the plate with 230 V operated


  1. Terminal Strip :           This is the terminal strip to connect external

Solenoids, Limit OR Proximity switches & Label


  1. Cable Set :           There are 3 cables to interconnect Display unit,

Terminal Strip & Drive with each other.

  1. RELAY CARD :          RELAY CARD is used for ON/OFF the ac drive &

For speed Variation of ac drive