Water Tube Boiler Animation:

Water tube boiler is a form of boiler where steam is generated by circulating water with tubes exposed to the source of heat. Generally water tube boiler works with steam and the tubes carry hot gases through the water. Main working function of water tube boiler designs are listed in this article. Praks Mahe, DC,Pune  provide water tube boiler animation of all kinds of industrial ,mechanical, engineering product, boiler & medical animation service manufacturer. Water Tube boiler working as in various stages such as

  • Water Tube Boiler Animation
  • Feed Water Mechanism is a Boiler Mechanism
  • Steam Machine Process Mechanism with Boiler Feed Pump
  • BoilerFlue Gas Mechanism
  • AIR Mechanism (FD FAN AIR)
  • AIR Mechanism (Secondary AIR FAN):
  • Boiler Fuel
  • Bag Asses

Feed Water Mechanism is a Boiler Mechanism:

Feed Water Mechanism is boiler mechanism. Condensate feed water is first filled in the boiler shell by feed water storage tank then it flows through the De aerator. Then it go through various channel such as De aerator to De aerator storage tank. De aerator storage tank to Feed Water Pump Inlet. Feed Water Pump outlet to Economizer Inlet. Economizer Outlet to Steam Drum Inlet and then it pass thru steam drum to Furnace panel.

Feed Water Mechanism is a Boiler Mechanism
Feed Water Mechanism

Steam Process Mechanism with Boiler Feed Pump:

Boiler feed pump  is very essential for steam process. Saturated steam is then generated, the steam is pass thru various channel , first the steam pass from furnace to steam drum, stem drum to super heater inlet header , super heater header outlet to secondary super heater inlet, SSH inlet to SSH outlet, SSH Outlet to Common Steam Distributor Heat. Then finally it Pass thru Common Steam Distributor to Turbine.

Boiler Feed Pump
Boiler Feed Pump Process

Boiler Flue Gas Mechanism:

Boiler Flue Gas generation Starts in the Furnace Chamber, then the Boiler glue gas passes thru different stages like Furnace to Secondary Heater Zone, Secondary Heater Zone to Economizer Inlet, Economizer Outlet to Air Pre Heater -1 Inlet, Air Pre Heater -1 Outlet to Aph -2 Inlet, Aph -2 Outlet to Aph -3 Inlet, Aph -3 outlet to Esp inlet, Esp outlet to ID fan Inlet, Id Fan outlet to chimney then the boiler flue gas finaly pass in the air thru chimney outlet, Particle Matter Emission etc

Boiler Flue Gas Mechanism
Flue Gas Mechanism

AIR Mechanism (FD FAN AIR):

Fresh air is pass thru Different stages ,first the air pass thru FD Fan Outlet to APH-3 Inlet,APH-3 outlet to APH-2 inlet ,APH -2 Outlet to APH-1 inlet then the air finally pass thru APH-1 Outlet to Furnace.

AIR Mechanism (Secondary AIR FAN):

Air pas thru Secondary Fan outlet to Mesh separator then it finally pass thru Secondary Fan Outlet to Pneumatic Separator.

Boiler Fuel:

In water tube boiler two types boiler fuel are use such coal & Bag ass. First coal is inserted in coal bunker then it pass thru coal bunker to screw Canvera, Screw to Mesh Spread.

Bag Asses:

In today’s world bagasse are used for fuel in water tube boiler the bagasse first stored in RBC outlet to Bagasse’s feeder then its pass to pneumatic spreader that increase boiler efficiency.

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