Water Plants

Our source of Water Plants  is underground water and we lift water more or less 300 cubic meter/day. Besides, we are going to complete our reserve tank for containing rainy water. After completion, our consumption of water from underground will be automatically reduced because of securing and re-use of rainy water. In this connection, we installed Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in a secured and clean place. On the other hand, we are installing Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) for saving our surrounding water from contaminated water and of course, we will re-use this water in our factory premises then automatically underground water use will be reduced more.

The company AUTO TEXTILE  has a vision called vision 2020. Considering that in mind, the company took a decision to use the available resources efficiently. By doing so, the building construction of AUTO TEXTILE  is done in such a way that building itself is the backbone of source of energy. It has got glass panels of 5000 sq m which will be used for putting on the solar cells vertically which will produce enough energy to light up the total building’s interior. As a part of it, the company contacted a manufacture in Australia who will supply those cells which works on temperature (>170C) to produce energy. The company has got a plan to use the rain Water Plants harvesting as well. Accordingly we are planning to store this to a central depository area (reservoir) nearby.

Pollutant Air Emission:

Regarding Air Emission through our production and supporting production process, we have already tested our emitted air by ITS Lab test Bangladesh Ltd. In this consequences, we found that Air Emission by production process is normal and for generator & Boiler, we have already increased stack height up to 60 ft to reduce pollution environment through air emission.

Waste Storage:

We don’t have combustion from generator as a by-products though we have an agreement with suppliers for withdrawing all wastage from production process or supporting process. Besides, our ETP will support us to reduce any contamination to our natural Water Plants . Regarding storage issue, we have a chemical and ink store for securing any combustion and wastage from direct production process, we have a secured waste storage for keeping all waste which withdrawn by third party in a regular basis

Mitigation Plan  For Flood, Cyclone & Earthquake:


Probable cause: Small creeks, gullies, dry streambeds, ravines, culverts or even low-lying areas flood quickly

Mitigation Plan: Monitor flood advisories; Determine flood potential to facilities; Pre-stage emergency power generating equipment; Assess damage.

Earth Quake:

Auto Garments all buildings are designed as per 8.5 rector scale.

Probable cause: The shaking of the earth’s crust, caused by underground volcanic forces of breaking and shifting rock beneath the earth’s surface

Mitigation Plan: Shut off utilities; evacuate building if necessary; Determine impact on the equipment and facilities and any disruption


Probable cause:  Caused by a combination of strong winds driving water onshore and the lower atmospheric pressure in a tropical cyclone. In the hemisphere the onshore winds occur to the left of the tropical cyclone’s path.


Water Plants  -Power off all equipment; listen to cyclone advisories; Evacuate area, if flooding is possible; Check gas, water and electrical lines for damage; Do not use telephones, in the event of severe lightning; Assess damage.