Energy Saving System :

Energy Saving System – We are using enzymatic pre-treatment partially; let say 10% of total production. It is suitable for Dark & medium to Dark shade combined bio-scouring & bio-polishing. We provide CRM Contact Management System and CRM Integration Free

Low temperature Wash off: We are doing low temperature wash off at 60˚ instead of 95˚. We are saving substantial thermal Energy Saving System, water & time every day.

High Fixation dye stuff: We use high fixation dye stuff like Avitera (Huntsman), RGB series of Dystar & SS series of Suncolour.

  • It requires less water than traditional dye stuff.
  • It requires less amount of dye stuff.
  • As a result there is less pressure on energy consumption & ETP.
  • Over all good quality is maintained.
  • On line Quality Control:
  • We do on line quality control to ensure 100% quality dyeing.
  • Our experienced operators are well trained to do so.
  • 93% RFT:
  • Here we use some transparent sheet in the roof of dyeing floor. Daylight entered into the this transparent area thus no need to light on the energy saving  lamp during day time.
  • Saving Energy by using high efficiency m/c:
  • We are using modern dyeing machinery, finishing machinery; where most of the driving motors are servo motor, hence consuming less energy thus reducing carbon emission.
  • Using Energy Saving System lamp:
  • We are replacing the conventional tube light by energy savings lamp.
  • When we used normal lamp we need 26 KW/hr, but after using energy saving lamp we need
  • 16 KW/hr.
  • Saving energy by using condensed steam:In dyeing m/c a lot of condensed steam is produced. We recycle the condensed steam and make it boiler feed water.I can expain it shortly—At present we use 80 degre celcius hot water in boiler as feed water. Before that we used normal water (30 degre celcius)  as boiler feed water. We have two boiler. One is 7700 kg and another is 5000 kg capacity.
  • For 7700 kg boiler,
  • Now, To produce 128 kg steam/min  we need 4.5 m3 gas, but before it was 9.4 m3 gas
  • For 5000 kg boiler,
  • Now, To produce 83 kg steam/min we need 2.4 m3 gas , but before it was 5.2 m3 gasSo it’s a big saving of natural gas in every minute.
  • Saving energy by using heat recovery system:
  • We have  Sclavos dyeing machines which contain Heat Recovery system named POZZI; By using this type of m/c  we can save water and energy.
  • Saving energy by using bio-scouring method:
  • We partly use enzymatic product which replace conventional harsh chemicals ( NaOH) in fabric pretreatment and reduce the processing temperature and water usage.
  • Saving energy by using low temperature wash off agent:
  • We are using  third generation wash off ( Dekol RSA)( manufacturer: BASF) which reduce the processing temperature( 95 degree Celsius to 80 degree Celsius), thus reducing carbon emission.
  • Saving water and Energy Saving System by optimizing process parameter
  • We are still maintaining 93% RFT with our existing traditional machineries.
  • Where as 85% is the world bench mark for such machineries.
  • Process optimization:
  • We have experts in dyeing process  who are working in this trade for 15-20 years with outstanding performance.
  • Our engineering team still does process re-engineering to optimize process as well as production.
  • They examine closely & try to optimize process by omitting any unnecessary process steps.


We optimize process parameter by trial and error method, on line process parameter control, thus achieving RFT( Right First Time) 94% in dyeing of fabric; hence optimize natural resources usage. We have implemented above steps to be a part of worlds latest slogan greener or cleaner production. Thus we can be more cost effective, more viable in respect of environmental aspect and we can make our earth suitable for living ours—ours next generation.