Warning Letter

October 27, 2018


Menud Rahman

Internal Security

Auto Garments Limited


Subject:  Warning Letter Related to Your Job Operation

Dear Menud Rahman

This is to inform you that to keep proper security system smoothly  run we engaged  you as a internal security  from  11/01/2000 .We are very regret  to observe your last 10 years activities  & poor performance to control over security personnel as well as management interest.

Management need to perform your job with more new responsibilities. Please ensure that from now onward if you are not  perform well your new responsibilities ,necessary arrangement will be taken against you  with immediate effect. You have to take your responsibility as a new challenge to exist your job here.

Yours truly,

For Auto Garments Limited


Final warning letter.


This is to inform you that  your reply dtd.06.05.2009 against show cause dtd.04.05.2009 is not found satisfactory. You have to explain & inform General Manager reason of your unauthorized absenteeism before leave your working place. But your answer is not acceptable by management. As a important part of management you have to do your job properly to avoid any kind of situation which affect factory rule & regulations.

However you are hereby finally warned by the undersigned that in future no chance for you if such kind of issue repeat again. If the same malpractice is detached and reported, strict disciplinary action will be ensured against you.

Yours truly,

For Auto Garments Limited


Letter  relating  to responsibility

Dear SSS

This is to inform you that as per Management decision from now onward you are fully responsible to follow up quality assurance of  Unit-014 cutting related area. Please note you have to given 02(two) months time to follow up your responsibility with full satisfaction. Management will observe your satisfactory performance within this period

Therefore, you have to follow up your duty to perform your work responsibility accordingly.

Thanking you

Yours truly,

For Auto Garments Limited